WayvesMagazine Wayves is the voice of Atlantic Canadian gay, lesbian, transgendered & queer people and their friends including GayWriters. It is published eleven times a year.

Wayves' main page is located at http://wayves.ca/. You can find the distribution locations there too.

Wayves is a volunteer collective created by readers like you, so if you think there should be something in Wayves, write it up and send it! Wayves is always looking for queer-related news, reviews, and events, and especially photos. If you're not sure, email and ask -- we don't bite!

This encyclopedia contains the Nova Scotia portion of the Wayves' GroupsAndServices database.

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picLayout Party - 1992-09. DanielMacKay (standing) & ColinPye (R)


February, 1995
GAEZETTE gets renamed Wayves via a name contest; the winner: sports contributor MarkMutrie?
September, 2004
WayvesMagazine goes electronic! After years and years (and years) of waxing and pasting, the printer said "Join the modern age!" So we did. Now Wayves is assembled by many volunteers electronically, by submitting articles and photographs and suggestions to mailto:submissions@wayves.ca, and then the magazine is designed, edited and assembled in Adobe InDesign and -- shipped to the printers electronically.
February, 2005
WayvesMagazine celebrates ten years printing under the name Wayves! See PrintMedia for more history.
November, 2007
Wayves is available online here: http://wayves.ca/online.cgi

Other Media Mentions

December 16, 2007
RosemaryPorter mentions Wayves in a fullpage article about her in the ChronicleHerald, written by MarkBolton?.

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