1987 OldVogueTheatre

pic 2112 Gottingen, Rumours, after GALA bought it, but before it was repainted.

Large version of image.

RobinMetcalfe says: [Here are] four colour photos of the empty interior of Rumours on Gottingen. There are no people in them, but they document the interior after the renos that we did, based on BillMitchell's design. These are scans from 3 x 5 prints. I am not sure what their provenance is: they might be ones I took, but I am not sure. Bill Mitchell might have given them to me.


Charley Corkum-Cleveland writes: "The walls were painted black after the building was bought from Club Flamingo. My friend Audrey Jones were both in GALA and we didn't like the black, we wanted more brighter colours, but the head [of GALA] decided on the black. We both quit after that as we felt being part of the group we had no say.

ChrisAucoin writes: It's clear from those photos that this is Rumours AFTER they renovated the balcony area - otherwise there'd be no flat floor in the bottom left of the image! My recollection is that the blue paint came AFTER the black paint... as a certain Rumours Mgr hated all the black. I'm not sure it went back to black agin after this? In the dark even the blue was a lot less obvious.