2015-10-07 Halifax Pride AGM Summary

Halifax Pride 2015 AGM Summary

Tuesday October 26, 2015 7-9PM Lord Nelson Hotel & Suites

Chair WillemBlois? gave greetings and a general festival overview. Some discussion followed on contract positions versus hiring a full time executive director. The 2014 minutes were approved with a few minor errors fixed. Financial Report was given by treasurer MatthewBurke? with no major discussion following. Fiscal year ended with a surplus of $24k.

There were 3 board members not up for re-election; KarinaFurlan?, MatthewBurke? and PaulForrest?. Therefore a total of 9 positions were open for election. Nominated for positions were WillemBlois?, HeatherGreen?, MarkMonk, DylanWhite?, MorganManzer, KristaSnow?, HughSamson?, JoAnsell? and SheaPeach?. All nominees gave a 1 minute speech and there was a short question and answer period. After voting, all 9 nominees received greater than 50 percent of the present voters and we're elected to the board of directors.

All 6 of the Special Resolutions presented by Halifax Pride were approved as circulated. The first ordinary resolution regarding corporate branding/ logo on Pride Flags received a healthy discussion. A few amendments we're discussed regarding using the terminology 'encourage' instead of 'discourage' however the original resolution passed as circulated. The second resolution also received a fair bit of discussion. Some members felt the resolution was worded strongly especially whereas our Atlantic division of TD has been very supportive of Halifax Pride. Some members also felt that regaardless of our support locally that we need to be stand in solidarity with human rights anywhere and that steps need to be taken to send a message. A vote was taken and the resolution did not pass but there was a general consensus that Halifax Pride would continue to follow up with TD on this issue to ensure that TD does recognizes this concern and that steps are taken to avoid future related issues.

Raw notes by DanMacKay?

Halifax Pride AGM October 6, 2015. 38 people attending.

2015 Board

Board of eight members.we were a young and community engaged board. but we did a good job of reaching out into the community. New event, yoga was fun, a new partnership ofwith pier 21, Stewart Milk from the Harvey Milk foundataion, L.E. Stone.

Youth Dance on the Thursday night. and started ground work for the Gottingen St Gathering which was rained out; Dykes vs. Divas was also rained out but the Parade was not!

Call for the approval of the agenda; call for the approval of the minutes.

Treasurer’s Report

Matthew Burke.

At the AGM last year, we reported a $40,000 loss; that was an error; there was only a $24,000 loss. Left with a profit of $24,000

Fundraising initiatives - outwining & outbidding: outbidding= $6800 mateched with $5000 from Scotiabank; outwining= ; drag queen bingo & FancyGayDressParty. Sponsorship was down a little

The Accounts Receivable is kinda high - still from the money that was absconded with a couple of years ago. We have to investigate how collectable that is. We invested in some computer software.

GST issue: the CRA is being a bit picky when it comes to CRA numbers, but that’s almost solved.

What is the Federal Grant? The Federal Community Arts & Festivals Grant: intended to encourage equipment rentals & site infrastructure, volunteers, and local artisans.

The unusually high Queer Acts money was routed through Pride - that’s why it’s so high.

This year we gave the sponsorship work to a contracted position - hence the Sponsorship Expenses.

Board Portfolio Reports

Could you elaborate on the need for staff? As our festival is growing, it’s becoming more apparent that the immense amount of admnistrative tasks is far too much for a volunteer baord. Anytime the ball was dropped or forgotten, the was a result of having so many small and mundane administrative taskks. All of that is holding us back from growing. I recommend that we invest in a fulltime staff member, perhaps part time in June and then fulltime thrugh July. In June and July I was on my computer eight ours a day and well into the night- not doing policy work, but doing mundane things.

So, why not a fulltime staf member? Because we haven’t done it before. This is a tentative plan so we should start creating policy

Q: I think it’s long overdue, and I think you should hustle.


Matt Burke & Karina Furland XX are staying on. We have nine positions to fill.


Jo Ansell: I’ve lived in Halifax for 3 years, before that, Montreal, Was part of Divericite, and Queer McGill?, have done activisim/ fundraising. I’ve been invovled with the community since I’ve come to Halifax. I’m bilingual - absolutement.

Dylan White: Have servaed on the baord for the last year; would love to do it again. , it keeps me busy. I currently … look forward to halping our communicaiton portfolio to grow, managing Facebook & social media or another portfolio. Finishing a degree in Information Systems; I work at the Apple Store.

Willem Blois: classical pianist & diary farmer,with Pride for three years, as site coordinator and chair. no other pride festival has this size and cultrual diversity.

Heather Green: I was on pride board for 2 years, on In Halifax for over 5. I’m a local musician, I had entertainment chair; this eyar entertainment & vice chair. I think we’ve made leaps and obounds . and I look forwarsd to go grooming that even more, and continuing to develop the relationships that we’ve developed over the last few years.

Morgan Manzer: NS Leagla aid lawyer, orig from Quwispamsis, NB, here for the last 3 years, I’m the policy wonk, which I love. As Benji said, there are some big ambitions for the pride festival, so those have to be doine withoin a framework.

Krista: Former chair of Halfiax Pride, was the chair four or so years ago, and has been on the baord before and since. She offers a connection to the past and offers a key connection to fundraising. With someone taking this on full time, we can see this grow. Krista took us from operating Pride in a deficit to a profit situation and also has been on Halifax City Council.

Mark Monk: Last two years I’ve been volunteer cooridnatior, workign with a lot of people from all over Halifax and getting to know everyone. I work at Dal and have website experience and amd dedicated to volunteering.

Hugh Sampson: I’m a graduate student at the Mount; I’d like to get involved because I really care about the comunity a lot and I would like to find ways to contirbute to it. I also think that by being a student at the Mount I can bring that community into the conversation a bit more. I’ve been helping out with Queer Acts for the last couple of years.

Shae Peach Alexander: from Cape Breton; background in Business; I work for the Provincial Governemnt. I’d be interested in doing planning and organization.

Bylaw Changes

Use of Pride Flags as advertising:

Discussion: Like it or not we rely on sponsors. I don’t think we should do anything to discourage sponsors to participate. Lots of further discussion, supporting the motion and the word “discourage”. Item eventually passed as written.

Motion to chastize the sponsor TD in an effort to protest the policies of the bank in another country - not passed.