2020 ResituatingInterruptions

Resituating Interruptions

This is the catalogue to the website produced to accompany the physical installations that were available for public viewing from October 12, 2020 - 17th as part of the 2020 Nocturne: Art at Night. The exhibit was funded by Nocturne as well.

The Nova Scotia LGBT Seniors Archive is the first institutional, dedicated queer archive east of Montreal. This project, made in consultation and partnership with the NS LGBT Archive's creators, sought to mobilize the contents of this collection on the occasion of it's public launch on October 15th, 2020, in the arts festival Nocturne.

With Resituating Interruptions we hope to uphold the vibrant queer history of Kjipuktuk/Halifax. Sifting through the Nova Scotia LGBT Seniors Archives' material, which ranges from activist banners and pamphlets to personal newspaper clipping collections, was also an act of interrogation.

Collaborating with two community members, Vie Jones and Wesley Riley, we position their contributions alongside the archival material as a way of imagining and forwarding queer archival futures that encompass a multitude of intersections with queerness. Having worked with this material today, we hope that we have produced a little bit of archival magic, collapsing the bounds of time in public space to make queer history, present, and future tangible and more accessible.

Browse the full online exhibition at: https://queercollective.wixsite.com/resituatingnocturne

Ode'Min Installation

by Vie Jones, at Raymond Taavel Park

1004 Barrington Street, Halifax NS. In their review of the NS LGBT Eider's Archive, queer, Two-Spirit, Anishinaabe artist, educator, and performer Vie Jones explored Indigenous archival methodologies in response to observed gaps in the stories preserved. In response, they developed a site specific installation for Raymond Taavel Park consisting of a ribbon shirt and skirt, resembling a vigil or memorial.


Oral History: Wesley Riley

ArtBar +Projects, 1873 Granville Street, Halifax, NS.

In the window of the Art Bar+ Projects a video and audio file of an interview with Wesley Riley was displayed. Wesley is a Black Mi'kmaw gay man born and raised in Halifax/Kjipuktuk. He is a remarkable memory keeper and storyteller, recalling the past through a constellation of people and places throughout his life.


Oral History: The Elderberries

At The Glitter Bean

This is a selection of transcribed stories from LGBTQ+ elders who took part in the Elderberries Salon in 2018. The audio file, containing some clips curated by members of the NSCAD Queer Collective, covers some topics from the four hour session, including early activist organizing, transgender topics and issues, mental health, and discrimination. For Nocturne a QR code and poster was displayed in the Glitter Bean Cafe.


Feminist Activism

NSCAD University Library Windows, 5163 Duke Street

Items in this window detail [local] feminist acts of organizing that saught to centre the experiences of women in conversations of oppression. Materials on display primarily consisted of photographs by Anita Martinez and rally ephemera.


AIDS Activism And Community Care

NSCAD University Library Windows, 5163 Duke Street

Unresponsive governments, inaccessible healthcare, hostile stigmas towards drug users, queer people, and Black and Indigenous communities resulted in an AIDS epidemic that killed 500,000 people in the United States alone by 2002. The displayed material references early AIDS activism including audio-visual educational material, a touring quilt memorial, and a local AIDS Vigil.


Queer Political Organizing

NSCAD University Library Windows, 5163 Duke Street

This window display highlighted only a small handful of the vast amount of queer political organizing here in Halifax - all dated pre-2000's. These materials include a letter writing campaign card, protest buttons calling out a homophobic local politician named Roxanne Skok, a collaged newspaper clipping depicting a theatrical protest referred to as "Gay Jeopardy", and a newsletter from Equality for Gays and Lesbians Everywhere (EGALE).


Pride Buttons And Materials

Halifax Central Public Library, 5440 Spring Garden Road

This short video is made of scans from Halifax Pride 1991 planning documents and various pins documenting the Pride March's long standing existence in Nova Scotia. It was installed as a window projection at the Halifax Central Public Library.


Queer Ephemera

Venus Envy

This window display holds an assortment of queer ephemra from ranging from personals ads, publications, to pins and buttons. It is a celebratory collection that looks at various queer sub-cultures in its vast, sweet, playful, and erotic historical elements.


The Turret

The Turret Arts Space / Khyber Building

1588 Barrington Street has always been vital to Halifax's queer community; the GAE/GALA (Gay Alliance for Equality/Gay and Lesbian Alliance) operated The Turret Club and various community spaces within from 1976 to 1983. The queer owned and operated businesses, and sometimes only gay bar in Halifax was the epicentre of queer activism, socialization, and culture. This installation included a projection of a video showcasing various photographs and memorabilia from events at The Turret.


Rumours Posters

Halifax Central Public Library 1 st Floor Reading Lounge, 5440 Spring Garden Rd, Halifax, NS.

These (original) posters, from the Gay and Lesbian Association of Nova Scotia (1988-1995), were produced for a variety of dances at the gay bar Rumours (1982-1995). Rumours was the successor to the Turret (1976-1982) gay bar on Barrington Street. The posters were hung in the windows of the Halifax Central Public Library with colorful lights flowing through them.



Lamp posts on Sackville Street, Halifax, NS

A poster was created by the Queer Collective in response to an article from The Mail-Star (August 13, 1994) titled "Sex In Park Complaints investigated". Copies of this poster were plastered on lamp posts along Sackville Street in the area that has often been cited as "The Triangle" - a popular gay cruising site predominantly in pre-2000's.


Reproduced Archival Posters

Gottingen Street, Barrington Street, Spring Garden Road

Reproduced archival posters promoting various past events and rallys throughout Halifax.