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hey bitch,, garbage,,,lords of acid,,,,and even poison,,,dont ever change,,,,dont ever leave,,,,i luv ya,,,,

Rougefatale writes: gurl. loves you. welcome to the clan. you have opened up and made your pressence known... go and werk your shit!

AnitaMann writes: Girlie, you have came so far in such short time. Your taste in clothes is wicked and you do different performances which is great. You don't stick with the same style every other queen is doing and thank God! Keep it up girly and thank you for being there at my show almost every Wednesday! Anyways lots of love. Anita

wow you look JUST like Annie .... go ficgue

LadySchapeau writes: hey kiddo, keep steppin' - Schapeau

DivadDivine writes: Girlie you are a wonderful person, I enjoy watching you perform. I will admit at first the choice in songs was not my cup of tea lol but you won me over girlie!! I really love it when you come out and do Conrete Blonde numbers....Johnette would be proud!!

This page is for one of many for Halifax DragQueens.