Blain Linden

picBlaine & LuluLaRude, 2004

James John Blaine Linden November 24, 1952 - December 24, 2016

From Louisdale, Cape Breton, Blaine was a longtime owner and employee at many of the GayBars in Halifax; in the early 1990s at StudioBar1 and then, in 1995 the owner of LeCruz -- the old Cabbagetown on Spring Garden, and later the ill-fated Vortex on Gottingen 2003-2005, and right after that, a long and glorious run from the very beginnings of MenzBar2... and through it all a tireless and very fun presence in Halifax's drag community.

His obituary says, "Memorial donations can be made to St. Anne Community & Nursing Care Centre in Arichat or to the Prostate Cancer Society, or to the charity of one’s choice."3

The photo here is from 2004, with LuLuLaRude.

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