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The Studio

Owned by DanielJoseph, first as Fantasias in Scotia Square, opened May 14, 1990.1

At Scotia Square it had its own entrance off Duke St; someone writes: "[it] had a really great horseshoe type bar... small but a really fun place."

In 1991 it was moved to 1537 Barrington St (where Chives opened ca. 2000) and renamed "The Studio."

As well as a regular Wayves advertiser, Danny very generously offered a room in the basement for the Gayline to use (the last place it ever existed) and paid the Gayline's phone bills. The GayLine was located in the basement of the Barrington St location for a few years.

The business name became unregistered on May 31, 1996.

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June 26, 1994
Mz Studio Pageant Performers & Guest List2
Guest List: Customers: MarcelDespres?, TrevorAdams?, SteveBillard?, Andrei, JimBarrete?, KevinTrenholm?, DonaldPower?, MichelDeveau?, MelHaywood?, PhilHennesbury?, Jill & Angie, KevinKean?, GeorgeLawson?, PaulLaybold?, Leonard, BrydenMacDonald, RobMacKinnon?, Toddmorrisey, NormPaddock, KevinParker?, WalleySimms?, DarrylSimms?, PeterSurette?, MurreyTrider?, DarrenWhite?, peterWilson, FarronChandler?.
Performers: Troy / DagneyMarie, Timmy / JennyBlake, Chuck / LuLuLaRude, MichaelBourgeois? / Sable, Bernie / MeshallayCrystal, ShawnLamb / Shanelta, IanJay? / Hellon Heels, BruceHayre / MissVicki, RobRaniere? / Niki, JamieQuinn? / Ms. Stonewall (marked with ?), JohnMurphy? / Lucy Fur, Amy (backstage), Edwin / Diva, JayWells / DemandaTension?, Wayne (lights) LaRade?, SimonAbbass? / Nina & Stage Asst.



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