picBridget, Reflections Float, Halifax Pride 2009

Bridget was spawned in a gothic rage. She use to worship the devil and was the most goth girl out there.. After years of hating everything, she dyed her hair blonde and became the SlayTina? she is today....

Mz Bridget Von Snaps has been a part of the drag community since 2006. She held the title of Mz Reflections 2010-2011.

She's quite the performer; GaGa is her main inspiration along with Alaska and many other artists and fellow drag queens. She is greatly inspired by art and any form of art.

She was adopted into the house of Fatale and is the drag daughter of RougeFatale. VanityStation is her drag aunt. DevaStation is her drag grandma. Bridget has many children…

She is a witch with a make up and brush will leave you hypnotized and wanting more of the fantasy, period!

She used tear up the stage with her dancers the Oh Snaps but now performs solo!

Bridget produces the annual XofPride pageant with her slay auntie VanityStation! Come see the fifth annual X of Pride July 21 at Indulge!

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