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pic Partner to DynaMight and co-owner of DestinationFabulous Boutique.

Deva is the author of the fun and informative series about face for beginners, entitled Drag 101, originally published in WayvesMagazine starting in the summer of 2003.

AmandaBenzova writes: You deserve SO much more credit than you are given! You always look amazing and are a great performer! Im thankful you have given me the oppertunity to stand by you this year. Being my last year doing it, Im gonna make damn good and sure we go out with a bang.. as your logo stated, "after boom comes devastation" there never gonna know what hit em! hehe xo

I would like to add that if it wasn't for her, my hair would look almost as bad as the rest of them!

DevaStation I have never met anyone more of a chamelon as you. From a handsome husband to a breath taking drag queen. My life has forever been changed since you came into it. I will forever be greatful to god for his wonderful gift to me--YOU! All my love, DynaMight

RougeFatale writes: Well, hold on to your crown poodle, cause we are gonna show this circut that the Halifax court is going to be a force to be reckoned with, and im packing my jiffy pop dress to go on those road trips outta town. I am honoured to call you my Empress and privliged to call you one of my newest friends. and remember what i gave you at brunch , it will help you to be true to yourself and true to your court. I know that as long as Deva Station is rockin a show, i will be there to make sure she gets drunk and sees boobs backstage(wink) all my love Rouge Fatale