Local playwright, author of Whale Riding Weather and Divinity Bash

April, 2011
Bryden's play With Bated Breath is a finalist in the drama section of the Lambda Literary Awards. Winners will be announced in New York on May 26, 2011. If you're looking for some fine LGBT reading, you can hardly do better than check out the list of finalists here. picWhale Riding Weather, 2012-02
February, 2012
Whale Riding Weather mounted in the PlutoniumPlayhouse. A love story in which a faded queen finds his mind slipping away from him along with his young lover, who meets a new, even younger man. "The characters in Whale Riding Weather remind me of those Catholic pictures of Christ opening his chest to show us his sacred heart—except that this time Christ's gay, he's in his underwear, and he's really, really drunk." Directed by ThomFitzgerald. Starring HugoDann, HughThompson?, and RyanDoucette. Finalist for the Governor General’s Literary Award for Drama

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