February 22, 2005 - I Think, and many others think its time to replace the NRG DJ "Troy". Troy has been replaced by DJ Laptop as of June 3, 2005

April 20, 2004: Content moved from MamaJuggs

I wish members of the gay community would stop letting this STRAIGHT lady mooch drinks everytime she is at the bars. Stop feeding her and she'll stop asking. Next time I get asked to buy her a drink I plan on complaining to the bar management.

A queen writes - Name 3 queens who mooch drinks... I can't think of 3.

Name 3 queens who mooch drinks...hmmm Numero of the list---MAMMA JUGGS aka MAMMA BUGGS. All queens mooch in every shape and form. Seems to me, that bars giving these so-called female wannabe's free drinks is a HUGE FORM OF MOOCHING. Just because they are able to use enough DUCT TAPE to trap their so-called manhood down long enough to call themselves a woman for the night. Get a damn clue to any queen do cannot handle the truth,,,you are all moochers and a canker sore of a burden in the community and the clubs.

AnitaMann writes: First of all...stereotypical assholes like the people writing this is the reason this community is going to way it is. When people ask you to buy them drinks, learn how to say no. And if you are going to have the balls to write on here sign your name. If you don't like the way the community is run move somewheres else. Trust me, if you can't handle the queens here, you are going to be eaten alive anywheres else unless you move to hickville. So stop complaining and do something. And being who I am and self sufficient, and as far as a recall I have not asked anyone to buy me a drink EVER! So get your facts straight, pull your nose out of your ass and face up to the reality.

October 10, 2004 someone writes: Hi People New Guy in town here. Was at NRG last weekend and was hit on by a cute guy with beard/40 something, said his name was George; the type I like. Went to the bar to get him and I a drink when one of the patrons told me this guy was straight and homeless and hustles unsuspecting gays for drinks; I look to the bartender and he is nodding in agreement! Whoa! Why does the owner of this bar put up with this riff raff! I'm not sure if i'll be back.

October 11, 2004 someone else writes: There's nothing illegal about chatting up guys or buying somebody a drink. You can't expect the owner or management to randomly bar people for behaviour that is neither illegal nor harmful. You just have to be careful who you talk to and use discretion. There are a lot of creeps out there, use common sense.

October 12, 2004 someone writes: George has a reputation for talking shit about some of the people he claims are his friends.

Wish I'd have know of this... I've got a beard, and am getting closer to 40-something... I'm also quite economical when it comes to drinks... -- GrizzLeBear