Mama Juggs (Yvonne) is like furniture at ClubNrg and is always there when you need her. She's a gifted singer (listen to her do Bonnie Raitt's I Can't Make You Love Me.) We all know and love her.

HIH Mother to Reign V of IsCans.

ShaniaDq writes: I got some lime here if you want it girl. Youa re flawless. FLAWLESS.

SharonBedz writes: Where's my scalloped potatoes? Love u girl.

DivadDivine writes: Mama you are so amazing!! Keep signing gurl. I love you to death!!

AnnieCockadoo writes: "I CANT MAKE YOU LOVE ME-AH if ya DONT-AH" love the song..your great girl...always good to see you...AND YOU-ah , AND YOU-ah , AND YOU-ah , AND

N writes: IF YOU DON'T-AHHHH lol... Love ya Momma.

KrisLee writes: I ca remember the week with out Mamma!!! We were all scard to death.

Nice to see people removing the truth about this moocher. Think it is about time Mamma Juggs change her name to "MAMMA BUGGS." No one likes a moocher, even worse, no one likes people who can't handle the truth. Let the people that remove the truth about Mama Juggs buy her drinks.

Re: last two comments: Classless rude folks y'are.

The last two comment are not rude or classless whatsoever - MamaJuggs is pissing people off by mooching drinks. If you want to buy her a drink then fine but she's going to get the hint from the rest of us.