picCover of catalog, September 1989.

"Repertory" Video rental, and had a great selection of serious, not porn, LGBT themed movies.


January 27, 19881
Opened by Glynford Hatfield in the Gottingen Street Carpenter's Hall basement beside WormwoodsDogAndMonkeyCinema
late 1980s?
bought (?) by Gail Atkinson2
March, 1989 - June, 1989
DanielMacKay built membership, rental and catalog publishing software
September, 1989
Video catalog published
Lee Anne Gillan working there
bought (?) bought by Lee Ann & with Deanna Bowlby in 1995, it closed in 2000.


John Wamboldt writes: A MEMORY TO SHARE: After seeing Abel Gance's 1927 epic silent film "Napoléon" at Wormwoods (twice), I just knew that I MUST have a copy for my very own. Lee Ann Gillan of Critics Choice made great effort, and obtained a VHS copy for me. She originally quoted $150 U.S., and I was willing to pay it too. It was not easy for her to get, and took quite awhile for her to get me a copy, but when she did, I was pleasantly surprised that the cost was much less -- $50 I think. Thank you once again Lee Ann. I still watch it and it is still in great condition.3

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1. Date from the RJSC
2. Corr w/ DanielMacKay October 4, 1989
3. October 5, 2022 The Wormwood's Dog and Monkey Cinema Group facebook group