Dan Sanford, 1949-05-04 - early '90s


MertMattice writes:

I met Dan in 1972 when we both lived on Brenton Street; Dan, Rand and I were all born in 1949, of course making us as old as Newfoundland; he was from Walton, NS. He was one of the funniest and fun people I’ve ever known.

The photo: Dan on the left, back-to; at 6ft+ he was hilarious as a geisha. That’s WilliamNoonan? wearing my gargoyle costume (William is too nice a guy to pull of a gargoyle though). Dan was working as a ship chandler and dealt with Japanese business men. He wore that outfit to the hotel they were staying at and they were greatly amused.1


1. May 4, 2023 MertMattice's posting in TurretMemories