Turret Memories

Facebook group for people who attended The Turret.


(probably written by Emerald)

The Turret was the epicenter of Halifax's GLBT community for the many years and a home to many more."

Today this building and those who called it home know that it still lives on in our hearts. This group is for those who were there and have memories to share in word, pictures and song (youtube links to music and video from the queens of the time even though they are recent).

This group is solely for people from the days the Turret was home to the gay and lesbian community in Halifax until it closed in 1983. Please understand people you invite not from that era or whom may never have been to the Turret may not be approved for membership. Friends of members will not be allowed to join if they were not at the Turret prior to 1983 Hence the reason this is a closed group. Before posting the pictures in this closed group elsewhere please ask the person who posted the picture first as some may want their privacy protected. Please note this group is not to sell products except if related to the Turret.


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December, 2020