picJune 2004

Michael Marcil

In Ottawa, impersonates The Divine Miss M playing Dixie Leonard in the 1991 movie "For The Boys", and is a SPECTACULAR looking queen and entertainer! :)

StudioXleNoir writes: THE GIRL HAS TONS OF TALENT! after all I am her mother.

RougeFatale writes: Took on the white trash of Halifax fer kids this trip! loves it! Annie and me will make you prouid mom... and if we fuck up we know that Studio will kick our ass... loves you and all your amazing kick ass talent... loves you gonna miss you when you go... Rouge

Get well soon Dixie. Hope they get the bastard.

Dixie get well page on facebook, plus the latest updates on her condition. http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2366537951

2007-06-10 News

Vicki Lawsuit (WestJet) wrote on Jun 2, 2007 at 12:53 PM
Well Great news today from Dixies Mom. I just received a call where Dixies brothers and mother were visiting Dixie. He has regained full conciousness but still has no memory. Iris was saying this will take some time. He will eventually be moved from the ICU ward this week. He was looking around the room at the monitors and has even tried to get out of bed. He hears music coming from the radio, sorry Iris is gone to future shop to get him an MP3 player with all his show music on it. This is GREAT news as Iris says "he's still a babe in the woods" not knowing who people are and what happened just yet....but things are looking much better people

God luv ya dixie, hope you are getting better.

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