Alter ego of Imperial Crown Prince III BruceCrooks. One of the most hilarious performers out there, certainly the new Grand Dame of SkagDrag in Halifax. She's impersonated ShaniaDq, BoomBoom and has even strutted flirted with just about everyone flaunting her "Love for sale".

One of the FisterSisters? and MzSkagDrag 2003/2004 at ClubNrg.

DivadDivine Writes: Emma sweetie you are one amazing performer and extremely funny. I love you to death and pieces sweetie. You and your alter ego Bruce have always been kind to me and very supportive. For that I thank you a great deal. You and Joseph were one of the first people to actually make me feel welcome as a performer here in Halifax, you have no idea how much that meant and means to me! Keep smiling and laughing sweetie and keep performing.

DivadDivine Writes: On August 25th Emma Roids gave me a last name that she created for me - IMAX....Emma sweetie I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the last name and will use it PROUDLY!!!! I am after all a Fat Bitch! lmao

Emma dear you are still talked about (in a good way) and there are many of us who truly miss you!!!! Diva

so what happened to her?

I think she choked on a ham sandwich or something...dunno

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