That is, money spent by gay people.

GayBars get all of their income from this. Some other businesses deal mainly with people from the GayCommunity:

Important topic for discussion: How do I get in on this market? :)

Someone writes: As a gay guy who is self-employed I'm not sure I'd really want to get "in" on the GayDollar for one reason: When marketing to the straight community I can pretty much bet on having a person who is reasonably sane as a customer. Why would I market to another group who has a large percentage of people who feel the need to know everyones business, spread rumours and that type of crap? I'm not saying everyone in the gay community is like that but there is a pretty good sized crowd fitting that description.

I've met a lot of great people (male and female) in the HRM gay population but sadly have encountered way too many others who don't seem stable and its turned me away from marketing directly within the community.

If gay customers track me down due to good workmanship leading to word of mouth advertising then great, I'd be happy to see what I can do for them, but if being in business means dealing with issue-filled customers I'd rather starve than take on the headaches that come along with some clients. I know it sounds cruel but its reality.

I think a number of years ago, there was an informal educational initiative, which suggested stamping little pink triangles on the folding currency you had, before you spent it. The result, business owners could see that there were GayDollar s out there, and that it was a good thing for business that they weren't doing stupid things to offend gay people. As an added bonus, you might get a date with that ultra-hot check-out clerk at the Superstore!

Given that there's a shockingly high percentage of money that has been in contact with cocaine, it would be interesting to see just how much QueerMoney? there is out there. Of course, this is technically defacing currency, but it's no worse than writing phone numbers or grocery lists on the bills.