This is one of many places where you can bash the 'pedia.

This thing sucks because!!

All kinds of bitter DragQueens are leaving, and making very public affirmations about it.

... on second thought, a sudden drop in the irrational, hostile, bitchy, bitter population might bring in more readers/editors. The current trend seems to be selecting toward editors with some command of the English language.

September 22, 2004: OfficerDick writes: This thing sucks because a bunch of fucking AnonymousCoward types have nothing better to do than vandalize other peoples' pages. Grow the fuck up already!!! I'm trying to do my part to ModerateMore on this site, but it's getting on my last nerve here...

January 25, 2004: I know this place is supposed to be an online encyclopedia of gay culture in Halifax and Nova Scotia, but it seems more like an editable bulletin board for disgust and hate. This place should be about preserving Halifax's gay history, it's present life and the direction for it's future. It shouldn't be about negative comments of our community members. Open up a bulletin board for that stuff, one that can't be edited on the whim of someone else. Nancy Matthews

DanielMacKay writes: Nancy: you are right. The way to do it (WhyWikiWorks) is to write good content and improve existing content. Without burdening the metaphor, the good content sort of "pushes out" the bad content.

Kirk- have to agree with you Nancy, this website has more hate remarks on it then anything else, Gays making bad remarks about other gays, this website has to be clean Dan, let get rid of remarks not signed.

CapnDan writes: help yourself! any unsigned bitchy comments are fair game.