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Gay International group founded in 2004 by AmberWayves is designed to unite the GLBT Internationally. The group has members from Canada, USA through to Australia. Gay International has encouraged people to make connections through this unique and one of its kind. We provide news of events from around the world from members in their own country. Gay International has named our first "Mr. Gay International" who will represent the group, and help to promote the group by any means. Gay International is not affiliated with Gay Canada, Gay America or any other online group other than the groups already affiliated with this group like: CTV Atlanic, ASN, Citytv, Star Choice, and soon "The Official Amber Wayves Online Group"


A member approval is required upon requesting a membership, and you are not gauranteed membership in the group. The only way potential members not aproved, are those with incomplete Yahoo! Profiles, those who have been banned from the group. Other than that we aprove almost anyone


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Mr. Gay International

Mr. Gay International 1: RodneyBeck?

Mz. Gay International

Mz. Gay International 1: AmberWayvesDiamond

Our History

GayNetwork was re-branded into GayIntaernational. GayNetwork was originally named GayAtlantic, created in December, 2005 by DawnDavenport and AmberWayves. The online group was designed to offer a place for Atlantic Gay Canadians to meet online and share various things like: Stories, Emails, Phone Numbers, Links, Pictures, and more. Our vision included GLBT persons in rural communities out of tune with the Gay Community across Atlantic Canada.


  1. Another day, another clique.
  2. What if you dont use yahoo?
  3. Gay International has named our first "Mr. Gay International" who will represent the group, and help to promote the group by any means. ... uhh, what do you mean by, "by any means?" Sounds ominous.
  4. The Gay International suicide bombing campaign has to stop. The GayInternational administration should realize that not all publicity is good publicity. Hopefully they can stop members of GayInternational cells from teaching that perverted interpretation of atheism. The declaration of jihad against the heterosexual western establishment will only end in tragedy.

Responses to Questions

Group's Comments

Damocles writes: Just for information. Gay International was founded by Amber, is moderated (presumably by Amber) and has 19 members only (see the link and the info on yahoo groups). Although the title sounds impressive, statistically, it is rather hollow. "Self-appointed" titles tend to mean very little in real communities - history speaks volumes on this subject. (Damocles)

AmberWayves responds: Gay International was not only founded by myself. Gay International was a merger of many groups that have evolved over the past few years. Although the group is small in numbers, the idea to get the GLBT internationally still remains. The Mz and Mr Gay International titles is a way to have members represent the group in their own town/country, which many other GLBT groups have done similar events. Mz. and Mr. Gay International titles may mean nothing to you, and to others, however, they may be important to some. It is the choice of the people if they wish to join our group, and participate in the online events created by myself, and the few other Moderators of the group. Gay International is moderated by a few people that have been with the group for sometime. I however, may own the group, but it is the people in the group that make Gay International what it is. It is not the amount of people that are in the group that are important, it is the stories and comments generated my it's members.

Thank You

DawnDavenport writes: Now look here.....The title is one like any other group.Groups create titles to hand out to deserving ppl who show and embody the dignity of pride.Mr Gay International and Mz Gay International were voted on by the members of the group and NOT taking on by the two title holders.As far as your comment aboutthe title being hollow...o dechild...think before what you write,us diamonds dont fuck around with shit.really,.

AmberWayves responds: Thank You for the support of the Gay International Online Group. Your comments are well put. Thank You for your dedication and service to Gay International

Dear Dawn and Amber, My comments didn't disparage any person (unlike your reference to diamonds and shit - it can eaily be turned around). My comments are generic - unfortunately the gay community is full of small groups and gay people tend to like titles of all sorts. I suspect it makes some people feel important and self-gratified. For others it is the recognition of a job well done. What people need to realise is that even though a title is given, they need to know who it is from, who gives it out and under what circumstance and how many people area actually involved in the process to give it relevance in the WHOLE community. After all, anyone can sit there and call themselves Queen of the Universe, but unless it is actively recognised and respected and used properly, it means zip. I happen to note, however, that for an International group (and there are nearly 300 sovereign countries in the world), both Nr and Mz Gay International happen to live in a very small place called Halifax, Nova Scotia. Hmmm...

My comment is that it is a small group with a "grand" title but no "real" relevance to the whole communty if only 19 people have voted on it. Mr Atlantic Canada Leather is similarly a small group with a grand title and limited involvement, whereas International Mr Leather is larger etc. Even ISCANS Emperor and Empress are only voted on by probably a maximum of 200 people in Halifax, out of the estimated 100,000 GBLT people in Nova Scotia (if you take about 1 in 10 which is generous). Again maximal "kudos" for minimal input, but very in your face in certain circles. A title means nothing if it is not used properly and doesn't make a difference and is not recognised for any worth by any real group to whom things actually matter. doing something just because you can doesn't engender respect. Doing something that makes a difference in real peoples' lives does. That is what I meant by hollow. People may be shallow and not recognise this. And mudslinging is easy to do. But mud has a way of being flung back and sometimes it sticks. Please don't immediately insult someone for making valid points. After all people around the world are imprisoned and killed for making valid points too (OK - making a big exaggeration from a small point but the principle is sound). Do you want to be known as an intolerant bigot? Damocles

thats so true. singed: Mr. Gay World

AmberWayves reponds: You can feel free to call me whatever you wish. It doesn't mean that I share your opinions or values. I don't care that other titles are more repected than others. The titles that have been awarded have not been self-given, they are the titles awarded to the listes of potential recipients in the group. Because you may dislike the titles or the group, I see no real importance for you to keep bashing the group and it's operations. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and you have stated yours, not it's time to move on. Gay International is slowly growing, and the titles will remain as they are. There will be new recepients in a years time. I happen to be happy with the group that I have created, and I am not taking your opinions personally, and I don't know how you came to the conclusion that I have been taking this personally. Alot of the groups that I have created have been targeted because of it's creator (Amber Wayves) and (Dawn Davenport). You or others can call me a Bigot, doesn't mean that I am or will become one. I will always be true to myself, and that's all I will ever be. Amber Wayves has not changed in four years, and Amber will not begin to for anyone other than myself.

Thank you, Amber Wayves

Dear Amber, You seem to be taking my comments personally. That is not the intention of social comment and I have not disparaged you at all (in fact I am the only one who has actually been insulted (by Dawn - see above - who I really don't think understood the posting in the first place and rather patronisingly ("dechild" - whatever that\ means in dragspeak) called me "shit". I made a comment about small groups and titles. Yous just happened to be the first example. I used others as well to illustrate my specific points. Whatever you are doing, keep doing it IF you think it actually makes a difference and isn't just a waste of energy and time. I never called you a bigot. A bigot is someone who obstinately and intolerantly sticks to their own opinion. (If anyone was a bigot, then it was Dawn on her published posting above!). I change my opinions based on the available evidence and I call it as I see it. good luck with all your enterprises. Just keep your feet firmly on the ground and remember that the world is full of people who will want to get what you have or destroy what you create. A little objective criticism and comment is a very healthy thing to keep reality and fantasy firmly in place. Damocles

AmberWayves Responds: Thank You for your kind words. However, I am not able to control what Mz. Davenport has to say. I am sorry you are offended, however, I am not taking things personally. I am just defending myself and the group, as you would in such a situation, even if you believe in the group. I am aware people are out to destroy peoples creations, etc but all I have to say to them is good luck on that one.

Thank You, Amber Wayves

DawnDavenport writes: Well i am sorry Damocles that you feel my comments above hurt or offended you.But.. you have to realize that when i read that a title is meaningless, and without an explanation i tend to get a little defensive.Also i do not live in Halifax thank you very much.People who live in small cities, or rural areas can embody the value of pride and diversity and bring that comes with a title its duties.It just goes to show that people who win titles that is froma small place can overcome and be an active person in the community not just those which are livig in big metro cities.I feeel there is no reason why you should have put o coment up thee in the first place, especially when you knew that it would probably get a not so nice response.People who voted from an online group are from communites from which alot of them we see quite often.Also i am not a bigot, i feel i have the right to say what i say and comment on whateevr i choose to.i realize if yo u say if anyone is a bigot and not directly saying i am but i just want to point out i feel i am not.Again i am sorry if you were offended from any comment i have made.

wow the spelling on this page is just grrreatee lol

DawnDavenport writes: Well excuse me for not being perfect like you.!!!

thats just it, you are not perfect, you will never be perfect, hell no one is or will be perfect so take your nose out of the clouds and join the rest of the WORKING world. Mr. Gay World