Halifax Queer Men's Chorus

pic 2014 - 2015

For the current performing group, see: HalifaxGayMensChorus

In March, 2014 GarryWilliams and ChrisAucoin began organizing a chorus:

March 11, 2014
ChrisAucoin creates Facebook group Halifax Queer Men's Chorus. "The new Halifax Queer Men's Chorus is looking for members. Spread the word."
May 9, 2014
Chris writes, "Thanks to the nine guys who showed up on Monday"1
December 14, 2015
Concert2 Christmas concert: Tom Lehrer's A Christmas Carol
GarryWilliams "Queer Mens Chorus" chorus; mailing list has JimMacSwain, ColinOulton?, Kevin H, JeffreyOHara?, QuincyRussell?, MichaelLake?.
Chris writes: Nine years ago I (along with friend Garry Williams) was trying to start a Halifax Queer Men's Chorus . It didn't quite work out, but a few years later the Halifax GAY Men's Chorus did! And I'm so happy they did.


1. GarryWilliams email to members
2. December 15, 2015 post by Tristan Laan to FB group, Halifax Queer Men's Chorus