(Reproduced without permission from QueerLookingQueerActing.)

James MacSwain was born in Amherst. He received a BA in English from Mount Allison University, studied drama at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, and has worked in theatre and arts administration. Since 1980 he has worked in film and video, receiving both Canada Council and Ontario Arts Council grants. He helped to set up Atlantic Independent Media and worked for the Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre in Toronto. His photography and collage have been exhibited in both Toronto and Halifax. He teaches courses in Super 8 and 16mm film, and is a member of the board of the Nova Scotia Arts Council.

(date approximate) The Beaded Lady's Reflection - article in The Body Politic here
January 30, 1979
Three Monkeys anti-censorship demonstration at the Ralston Building1
Jim has an essay in QueerLookingQueerActing.
January, 2004
someone writes: Radical Faerie comes to mind. Pagan. Minstrel. Court Jester. Lear's "Fool".
October, 2011
Jim wins the 2012 Portia White Prize, which recognizes the cultural and artistic excellence of a Nova Scotian who is a professional artist.
November, 2011
Page 1 story in the November 2011 WayvesMagazine about the prize