This is the text of a talk, From Brothels and the Pill, to HIV and Beyond: A Partial History Of Sexual Health In Nova Scotia delivered on June 21, 2006.

Who the talk was given by is not listed here and as of March, 2021 is not known.1

Throughout history, sex has been caught up in Gender. Sexuality. Reproduction. Education. Law. Religion. Pleasure. Violence. Commerce. Culture. Politics.

But what about health?

We have wrestled with sex issues forever, and coming to grips with the health implications of sex and sexuality is an ongoing struggle. The history of sexual health in Nova Scotia is an interesting, sometimes entertaining, frequently infuriating series of events and non-events that have, through time, created the sexual health climate that exists here today.

As our awareness of and attitudes toward sexual health evolve within the province, so too are the Planned Parenthood offices evolving in our communities.

All seven Planned Parenthood offices across Nova Scotia have dropped the "Planned Parenthood" part of their names and adopted a variation of the term "Sexual Health Centre" in their respective communities. In this way, people of all ages, cultures, beliefs and lifestyles will know that these offices are there to help them with their sexual health needs.

As the province's Sexual Health Centres look forward to continuing to serve and grow with their communities, it is interesting to look back at how sexual health issues have been both addressed and ignored in Nova Scotia since the start of recorded history.

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1. March 9, 2021 Dr Sutherland says he did not give this talk, but that PamBrown might have.
2. CBC Nova Scotia