DateMay 17, 2007
Event ProducerHugoDann

International Day Against Homophobia Now More Than Ever: Challenge the Hate! A Rally in Halifax's Grand Parade - a public declaration of our right to love, free from hate and fear. A moment of remembrance; music from Ryan MacGrath?; speakers will include Hugo Dann, Darlene Young and there will be demonstration of new Anti-Homophobia chants from the youth of Halifax's Gay Straight Alliances; keynote address by Human Rights champion, Lindsay Willow: an opportunity to come together in a troubled time. The rally will end with a time for private reflection, or perhaps, for those who feel inspired, a dance and a kiss.

Straight friends and allies, please come and stand in solidarity with us! You are most welcome to dance and kiss as well. To get involved in planning or to find out more,

For this event, if you would like to honour the memory of Michael Paul Knott and Trevor Charles Brewster, wear something with a rainbow on it - a rainbow ribbon, shirt, umbrella, or anything.

Hugo writes: What a fabulous job our community did yesterday. Darlene, you kicked ass!!! Ryan, the song was the perfect choice. Heartbreakingly beautiful! I still owe you many, many beers. You're a great roadie too, by the way. The GSA's rock my world. Your courage is an inspiration & Dylan, your intelligence and thoughtfulness were remarkable. Lindsay, as ever! You bring it home!! Everything I forgot to say, or couldn't say, was touched on by one or more of you. I'm going to not touch my email for a few days, but I wanted to thank you all first. With my deepest respect and gratitude, congratulations to all of us, Hugo.