B. ??? -- March, 2019

John has a chapter in RegGiles' Peanut Butter And Jam Sandwich story cycle, Big Bad John.


RegGiles: John was someone that I had a lot of respect for that in fact when he considered you a friend he would die for you. When I got swarmed years ago, 2 of the culprits wound up in the same cell as John. A cop I knew told me it was a scene when he found why they were in there. He said they stood around the corner and listened just in case John went on a rampage. I would have been very afraid if I was them.

GerryJones?: So sad, Tex was truly a great guy, he would do anything he could to help a person out, not to mention he was such fun to drink with!

ChrisShepherd: Sad to hear, something you may not know about is that we passed about six afternoons a year playing chess. He was one of the good ones R.I.P.

BillMacKinnon?: OMG so sorry to hear this, loved Tex

RandyKennedy: That is so sad , I have fond memories of Tex and have often wondered what happened to him . RIP Tex . xxxx

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