On Natal Day, 1983 (I think) I decided to dress up as Laverne and go march in the Natal day Parade. I arrived at the Commons, and when the parade started I just joined in. I marched along waving at the people, getting my photo taken with people along the way, tossing out witty and catty comments as I marched along until I got to the Public Gardens. There I left the parade and went into the Gardens where the John Alfonse Big Band was playing on the bandstand. I went up in front and started doing the Charleston and later leading the Bunny Hop around the bandstand with a line of children holding onto my skirt. Parents were sending their children up to join me. It was so much fun. I did this for the next 2 or 3 years afterm and every time, John would call out on the mic, "Laverne, come join us!" As it turned out I was the first Drag queen to march in the parade.

Drag persona: SaraLee picLady Sarah (The Show)

Photos Contributed 2013-04