Irrelevant to Halifax per se but hysterically funny, here are the Very Secret Diaries Of:

  1. AragornSonOfArathorn
  2. LegoLas, son of Weenus
  3. BoromirOfGondor
  4. FrodoBaggins
  5. SamwiseGamGee(Sam)
  6. GandalfTheGrey
  7. PeregrineTook (Pippin)
  8. SarumanTheWhite
  9. GimliSonOfGloin
  10. MeriadocBrandybuck (Merry)
  11. RingWraithNoFive (One of the Ring Wraiths)
  12. GolLum
  13. ArwenUndomiel?

See Caissie Claire's full blog at http://www.livejournal.com/users/cassieclaire

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