pic Known for her RitaMacNeil. AKA Mama and Mama Love.

Oh my, child I have never done Rita, get your info right.

JuicyFruit writes: She may have never done Rita, but gawd she has done a mean Missy Elliott. :D

Jesus! What is that on her head? Call the zoo. Something escaped from one of the enclosures!

If you look closely... you will see that it was cropped off thr top of Momma Juggs head and put on hers !!! _____________________________________________________________________

I miss seeing MamaCole around, is she/he still in Halifax. She was very funny. January 2006: She is still in Halifax. lives in the north end

Mamacole passed away on monday June 19, 2006 RIP

the queen mamacole is dead but the guy behind the makeup is still alive, sorry to break the news but i'm still kicking. my heart may not be doing all that good, but its still ticking.

what did mamacole die of?