28 January, OfficerDick writes: I\x92m very impressed. DougMelanson and his business partner DavidLandry have completely renovated the space, relocated the bar area and has definitely given the place a new attitude.

The space looks awesome, and I wish Doug/Dave all the best.

2 February 2004, someone writes: As the first patron, I would like to say KUDOS to Doug and everyone involved with MenzBar! The place looks AMAZING! It's comfortable, pleasing to the eye, and has an 'edge' which I like. I'm sure that 'hiccups' will be small (like loosing keys) and the place will be a success.

Feb. 3/2005.... I was in MenzBar last night and would like to congratulate the owners of doing a fine job of renovating the old ToolBoxEast into a nice mix of pseudo-macho and innovative design. Though I am a die-ard fan of ClubNrg it's nice to have other options when going out for a drink. I've known DougMelanson a fairly short while and though I am sure the reasoning behind him opening this bar was to make more money, gain stature in the GayCommunity and to broaden his own personal "playground" as I have witnessed at SeaDogsSauna, he has given the community a nice alternative from the other bars. Thanks and good luck to MenzBar!

"...and though I am sure the reasoning behind him opening this bar was to make more money, gain stature in the GayCommunity and to broaden his own person "playground" as I have witnessed at SeaDogsSauna..."

Its a shame that the above comments take a somewhat negative tone when "assuming" what Doug's motives are. Of course he's looking for make money off the business, not too many entrepreneurs can afford to run businesses that don't turn a profit.

So what if he gains stature in the community or has his own personal gay playground per say??? Why is it that this community can't say anything without throwing a negative spin onto an otherwise good business idea. I think its known as a backhanded-comment.

If Doug gets the right clientel and staff at his place he'll have me as a customer forever as it'll make a night out more fun!

JC Theriault

Bear777Canada writes: MenzBar seems like a great place for those who prefer NOT to hear a loud PA and have a quiet place to get a drink and chat with guys. Best wishes to Doug and worked hard and it shows.

Tightrope held a social meet at Menz last night and we were really impressed with the bar and the changes from the old toolbox setup.

Keep up the good work Doug and David. You've got a great venture going!

Jean-Claude Theriault


Tonight is the Grand Opening... lets see how it goes... the concept of the Bar is great.. Halifax needs a place other than a loud dance bar... I am looking forward to tonight... and hope it's alot of fun .. and a fun place:) Hope to see all you sexy men there tonight Actually, the grand opening is March 5, but look for MenzBar to be busy as hell tonight...

Ok ... I waited to see if anyone would post anything about lastnihgts big splash @ menz .. what's up ... no comments....

Lets face it, the owners had a big task redecorating from the ToolBoxEast design; however, no matter how daunting the decorating task, gay men can always rise to the job.

The new design is GREAT !!! WOW ... I was very surprised with the place, it looks great, the barkeeps have no attitude (at least not Sat. night) and the patrons are quite friendly... and some hunky looking men there... I hope the Menz will be a success and remain around for a long time... Haifax need the Menz style bar....

I wanted to wish Doug all the best in his new endeavour! Rich aka WelshFyr

Whooaaa!! Gilles the bartender is friggin BEEFY!!! "Built like a brick shithouse" is what one of my friends said. Makes me wanna get on my knees as he's mixin a drink! Big lean muscles and a rugged handsome puss, and a butt you could perch your trophies on. From a 19year old- Menz bar rocks, That fat guy who was singing with Mama and then strip down to his thong , you won't see that in the city where I am from, he should lose a few more pounds then re try it.

Congrats to Doug, David and their staff for putting on a fun night after the parade! It was nice to see the old Toolbox space packed full of people who were actually having fun. I think MenzBar is something that was desperatly needed within our community and you guys made it a reality.

JC Theriault

from NineteenYearOldOne?- had enjoyable evening at the Menz bar the staff are so friendly. which is a good thing, That the only bar I like going to now days

from OfficerDick - congrats to MenzBar on winning Best Float in this year's Pride parade! from NineteenYearOldOne?: my boyfriend and I enjoyed our time this past Sat evening, at the Menz Bar, Like where the pool table is now, Keep up the good work Doug and Staff.

Doug/David - you guys did a great job with the leather contest last night. The crowd was great and having the film crew from Kink added to the fun atmosphere. Congrats!

JC Theriault **************************************************************** Who were the winners of the contest? any pic ?? Those of us who don't live in the city would love to see.... Menz is a great place.!!

CapnDan writes: see MenzBar for contestants and winner.

I think someone took pics for Wayves and maybe Doug was able to post some on his websites - or

If you don't see any on his websites, email him with a suggestion!

Awesome place but why force a coatcheck onto people who might prefer to donate to those charities as they see fit? So far there hasn't been much public info on TeamHalifax and some of us might prefer that our money gets to a cause that is more well known by the donors. I'm certainly impressed by the shopping cart idea - kudos to Doug and his staff for that much needed support!

January 28, 2006 OfficerDick writes: Happy First Anniversary to MenzBar! And what a year it's been...looking forward to many more.