Meredith Bell

Meredith writes:

I was the first if not one of the first female printers/business owners to print for gay/feminist/alternate groups in the early and mid 80s (at night clandestinely) at NSCAD when I worked with Peter Brooks, later with my own business ArtProLitho and later as Next Step Graphics.

I started the women’s/wimmins/feminist archives of artists/articles/position papers/filmography at the NSCAD Library, and the first Film Series parallel to the Dog & Monkey/Wormwood and Atlantic Filmmakers Co-op in the early 80s.

I was also a Canadian delegate at the First International Feminist Film Festival in Amsterdam in the early 80s, with a decidedly lesbian/queer narrative of film/filmmaking and women seeing & portraying women.

I was also a WEN-DO instructor for a number of years in Halifax, along side CarolMillet? and then specifically branched off to do some intensive courses with young survivors/street workers/incest survivors and others in potential dangerous domestic living scenarios - gay/straight together which was also a part of creating a safe place for dialogue and recovery.

I was involved with BryonyHouse, Second Stage, other women/and or queer initiatives as we struggled to have a voice on the Board and ultimately the direction of The Turret in the early 80s, a male bastion, for sure.

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