That is, the female winner of the annual MacLeather contest.

There were 2 contestants: a leatherwoman and Elinor, the belly dancer who won the season 2 FiveMinutesOfFame finals at VorTex. I didn't stay to see who won.


A whole 2 people... this after all the alleged bitching by the females who claimed to be interested in having a leather event for their sex.

And all 3 cynical "comments" from the same guy. Hmm.. And all so typical.

Well to whoever the one was who posted the last comment about all 3 cynical: I know Elinor, the winner, and YES I did make the comment about the sad turnoout. By looking at some online pics of the event there was a decent turnout in the audience but not in participants.

You can't expect to get support from outside your own group when your group itself doesn't pull its own weight. Its a fact of life.

I just want to say that I'm a leatherwoman as well as a bellydancer, and yes the turnout was disappointing. Things start small, and seeing as it was the first such contest I expect better turnout at future ones.