pic Every Thursday at ReflectionsCabaret, LuLuLaRude hosted a talent contest featuring everything from DragKings and DragQueens to other Entertainers including live musicians and comedians. Past winners include everyone from DragQueens to belly dancers to live singers to a contortionist.

Please put bouquets and criticisms in FiveMinutesOfFameRocks and FiveMinutesOfFameSucks?, respectively.

FiveMinutesOfFame was originally held at ClubVortex on Thursday nights, then moved to Friday nights. Approximately one month after ClubVortex became ClubNrg, it was announced that the show would be moving to ReflectionsCabaret. The show is currently on Thursday nights, but was initally held on Saturdays.

One honest comment about the show is that it showcases local talent, they are just out for the $200, same people, doing the same things, for the same prize.

One small problem is the fact that the "same" people and acts are showing up week after week, and the show has become less of an interest. I think it is time to take a break, revamp it, or do something, but although Lulu is a great host and she is always fresh, it is getting boring seeing the same old performers show up constantly. Elle Noir, Beat Boy, Johnathon, Trevor, etc.... Elle Noir, if you should happen to be reading this, please refrain from telling people that you work at Reflections and that you are going to start hosting the show. There are no plans to alter Lulu's show, however the comment was made people getting tired of seeing you in the show. You may be okay, but you are not the greatest, Lulu is. Stop trying to be something you are not yet worthy of. This is Lulu's show, not the Lulu and Elle Noir 5 mintutes of fame. Maybe even a new Timmy to liven things up. Crowds are getting more sparse, and the original luster of the show has gone dull. Thank god for the cheap drinks at midnight though, at least that still brings in customers.

I have to agree with the above. The last couple of shows that I have attended have had a very low turn out, and the old jokes about "Autistic impression have only been funny the first 100 times someone has heard them. I agree it is time for a change, and time for Chuck to do some new tunes. Diamonds, the Nun, Boobs, Cotton Fields, have had their time and place, and now maybe time for some new stuff. Just a suggestion, but perhaps time for the show to end its season, and revamp, and come back with something fresh in the spring.


LadySchapeau writes: Love the show Lulu, keep it going :)


As of October 24th, Five Minutes of Fame has been cancelled, according to a post on their Facebook group.