CapnDan writes on April 4th, 2002: It is with deep sadness that I write that Norm Paddock has died after a stroke suffered late Saturday night. He was taken off life support last night, and died a few hours later.

Norm was born and raised on Long Island, in the Central district of Newfoundland, in a community called Beaumont. He spent most of his life in Botwood, also in Central, as a public school administrator and textbook author, poet and playwright.

Here is RossBoutilier's piece on Norm.

Norm Paddock, a generous and thoughtful friend and supporter of WayvesMagazine and its message, will be sadly missed. Norm joined the collective when he first moved to Halifax upon taking his retirement from his education career in Newfoundland. Norm had a passion for Wayves and what it meant to those who were coming to terms with their sexuality in relative isolation. Norm wrote a series of columns called "The Open Door" where he playfully and skillfully chided all readers to think outside the box (or in this case, the closet). Norm believed profoundly that we are only limited by our own self-constructed notions, and that much more was possible for our lives beyond just coming out. Norm had the collective who assembled Wayves always scratching their heads wondering exactly what he was getting at, with his columns, because it worked at many levels and belied the notion that we are simple creatures, even in play. We cannot think of Norm without thinking of his shy wit, his love of words, and his honesty and genuine affection for this friends. If you were Norm's friend, you knew it.

Dear friend, as you pass through that end-door, help make it a fun place for us who follow.

BaraCuda Writes: I first met Norm at Rumours back in the early 1990's when I first arrived in Halifax, he offered his friendship immediately to me. He was a very kind and sincere man. I used to look forward to seeing him out no matter which was the club to go at the time being Studio, Rumours, Buddies, StonewallTavern, or Reflections. I attended a Waves Magazine meeting with Norm, he wanted to bring me along to meet the people he volunteered with. I was also invited to one of his parties, which I might add was very cool. Norm was like me a fellow Aquarian with contacts from all walks of life, he was very well liked. I really miss seeing Norm around, he was one of the good guys.

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