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This is the history page for the Halifax gay bar at 1566 Hollis Street, near Salter. For information about the bar that started gay pride in the world, see HistoryOfGayPride.

The business name was registered April 26, 1995 and revoked for nonpayment June 1, 1997. RJSC lists directors for a related numbered company as ElizabethGarrett?, Toronto; PeterRosenthal?, and lawyer VictorGoldberg? as the registering agent.

It was a nice place with character and atmosphere (that you could breathe, too! :-)

picAs the Double Deuce. Photo by Vic Syperek

In the '60s, this space was The ParadiseRestaurant, a greasy spoon type late-night eatery, right in the heart of the nastiest bit of Hollis Street where cops chummed with drag queens, hookers, cruisers and the rest of the city's more interesting characters.

In 2002, the space occupied by the tavern and CafeQuelqueChose was turned into a several-story parking lot.

1995 Stonewall Humanitarian Awards

From owner PeterRosenthal?

Presenters: ReneePenny? & MichaelWile

Recipients: ChrisAucoin, RossBoutilier, LouisCaissie, JanetConners, KathCure?, MauraDonovan, WilsonHodder, RobinMetcalfe, DeniseRooney?, EricSmith, SimonThwaites1

Awards Programme Cover Image here.


BarryHeath writes, May 18, 2015: Yes, the active owner was Peter Rosenthal who was old in 1995, probably dead now. He retired to Halifax from Toronto; I think he was either a lawyer or engineer. He had lots of money but squandered it on Stonewall. His vision was clear in what he wanted, but I'm afraid that he was influenced too much by others. I initially was hired to manage the bar, but just as we were about to open, he hired a very young man named Christophe who proceeded to undermine my authority and weasel his way to be manager and I was demoted to bartender. I stayed only briefly after that due to Peter over-spending on the advice from Christophe. All I remember of him was that he managed a Burger King in Sackville and was going through a divorce from his wife because he came out. Peter was enthralled by Christophe and poured unnecessary monies in the establishment. I left by the end of the first month because I saw the writing on the wall. It closed in mid-September of that year, a great opportunity gone. I don't know what happened to Christophe, but the other staff were hired by the first owners of Reflections. JohnHurlbert might have more information on Peter and Christophe as he was close to Peter.

December, 2004: Is there anyone out there who recalls who won the one and only (where have I seen that comment before) Miss Stonewall Pageant? DitaParlow ran for this title, as well MontanaDq, DixieLanders, LolitaDq, FrancescaDq, and MercedesDq. Something tells me FrancescaDq won, but JennyBlake would be able to Clarify that statement. It was one of the DragPageants.

Stone Wall was my 1st gay bar I been in. It was January 15, 1996 I step in for the st time, had my lunch, then went back that evening, Had a few dances . Then in April, 1996 I moved up to the city where I did enjoy myself at Stone Wall til it close up. I miss it

This page is part of HistoryProject; it was one of the GayBars.


1. Program for the event in the JanetConners fonds