Another New Manager

Brenda Brian, to tell you the truth scared most of us on staff out of out minds. Our perseption of what she was as a person was the most misconstrude that anyone could have. I had known of and seen Brenda at GAE meetings for years and at the The Turret over the years but I came to find out how little I knew her as a person until she became the manager of Rumours Club. As time went on I came to know this person who had a quick wit and understanding of what was going on in her surroundings. One aftenoon a salesman for a t-shirt company was in her office making his pitch for the best shirts for the staff and at some point he made an odd remark about " the hair in a Lesbian's armpit " and I am assuming at this point that A: he does not realize where he is and B: he does not realize to whom he is talking to. I was waiting for this HE-MAN to be laid out on the deck and to my surprise, Brenda struck a manly prose, clasping her hands behind her head and leaning back in her office chair, exposing a healthy stock of ampit hair and looking him right in the eyes and with a " YUP" and a grin, she continued on with the sale.

A group called " Lime " came on to scene with a bunch of number 1 hits at the beginning of Rumours Club, one of the songs called " Come And Get Your Love " which had a telephone ringing at the beginning of it. The telephone at Rumours Club was at the bar or in the back office, I used to overlay the phone sound over othe songs just as Brenda would be walking away from that area and giggle as she ran to answer only to have a dial tone, it took her a few times to figure out what was going on and when she finally did I saw a raised fist and smirk pointed my way.

Parachute Club had come out with their huge hit " Rise Up " at the Turret Club which made both women and men take to the dance floor in droves. The band made a visit to Rumours Club one night and the place went into an anaphylactic shockwave.

Brenda turned out to be a really cool woman, we seemed to all get along with her as manager and as person; she left the management job with my respect and admiration. Again, I don't know why she left the job but she did.

Here We Go Again

SheilaCummings, a tall blonde woman took over after Brenda left. Sheila was always nice enough but I could never really feel comfortable around her. I don't think we ever saw eye to eye and by this time I was tired of it all.

I no longer liked my job at Rumours and was not really happy with my life in general and I think that reflected in the way that Sheila and I got along although she tried .

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