Bed and Breakfast at 1266 Queen Street, run by innkeeper TonySaulnier from ca. 1977 to the mid-2000s when he sold the venerable institution, and it changed to the "Mary Queen of Scots Inn" part of the Premier Executive Suites. Tony has moved around the corner to Birmingham Street.

Deborah writes: I remember when Tony bought the Mary Queen of Scotts House - he told me he'd always fancied himself the queen of Queen St.! Seems to me that the building was covered with a green stucco parge, and he carefully restored it over time to its original grandeur. He used to be so brave in his flamboyance at a time when obvious gay men were few - one of the endearing things about him. His NS art collection is legendary.

JimBain writes: Did you know that there was a bath house at this place for a short while. I think that it was either 1980 or 81 (matching old boy friends to events here!) and I have no idea of the owner's name, if it was this Saulnier guy or some one renting his basement. I had walked over to Atlantic News and saw a sign out in front of the Inn. Can't remember what it said, but it was the usual coded sign of the era. You entered by the basement door and the club included a shower, several rooms, and a sauna. I don't remember any lockers or a back room, but I could be forgetting things. I was greeted at the door by a shirtless guy in brilliant red satin trunks - the prices were the same as the Apollo at the time.

The atmosphere was horrible. The owner didn't seem happy that a hairy fat boy was dropping by and the clients were all wandering around clasping their towels around them as though their life depended on it! I don't think I saw a naked guy all night - let alone got any sex.

By comparison, a visit to the Apollo at this time would have you in a pile of bare flesh in under 10 minutes - with no judgements as to your size.

Dec 2, 2002 Yves Houben of Genk, Belgium, writes: I stayed three weeks at the Queen Street Inn in November 2000, when I was visiting my girlfriend, who was studying at Dalhousie University and who discovered the Inn. Tony, the Innkeeper, is a very charming man, willing to help you discover Halifax and the whole of Nova Scotia. Tony has furnished all rooms with his own unique taste, so that the Inn has a warm and personal touch. Location: very close to the city centre, walking distance from Spring Garden Road, Harbour, Public Gardens, Point Pleasant Park and other attractions. Loved it!

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