Tony Saulnier

1936 - March 30, 2024

From his published obituary:

Halifax is without an amazing individual - the antiques world has lost a giant - and the Schmidtville neighbourhood will never be the same with the death of Tony Saulnier on Easter Eve, March 30, 2024, at the age of 88. Tony was a kind and generous man to his family, friends, neighbours, the pastor and congregation of the Beechville Baptist Church - and strangers.

He found the best antiques and exhibited them at The Lord Nelson Antique Shows 50 years ago with Paris, his pink Poodle, sitting on a stool within his booth.

Tony was an avid collector of antiques, glass, furniture, paintings, sculpture, ceramics, and jewellery and was highly respected for the knowledge he had from his years of collecting. He lived in Ferguson’s Cove at The Poodle Parlor & Antique Glass, then historic Bollard House, and the Queen’s Inn which was home for the antique furnishings that filled every room.

The luckiest day of his life, though, was when he moved to Birmingham Street, next door to Elizabeth, Barney and Lyle, who would become his family, a relationship which kept him healthy and happy for 24 years.

Tony loved yard and church sales, auctions, church services, his many Poodles and Yorkshire Terriers, his home and daylily garden, neighbours, caregivers and friends.

Everyone understood that they had to brace themselves for what he might say - and all who knew him will never forget him. This year was difficult, but he had the best care and he died peacefully in his home among his beautiful things. Tony was predeceased by his mother, Hazel Porter; his father, Roy Saulnier; sister, Pearl; and brother, Sterling.1

Among other things, proprietor of the QueenStreetInn

DanielMacKay writes: I have a couple of secondhand stories about Tony:

Judi writes: My friendship with Tony goes back way before Queen Street Inn when he was living in Ferguson's Cove and had the little silkie dogs, I think they were called. It was back when none of us knew we were gay and had boyfriends and girlfriends. He used to go everywhere as a date with a girlfriend of mine. But other than that we lost touch with each other and I only ran into him a few times when he would scream my name down two or three blocks.

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