When ReflectionsCabaret opened and for some time after, people speculated that it was run by organized crime.

In 1997, the manager (and the article says, owner) at the time, Paul Albert Wilson, was accused of two Hell's Angel's killings:

In October, 2000, RCMP charged Mr Wilson with two counts of first-degree murder; he was subsequently deported from Grenada where he was serving a three-year sentence on drug charges, to Nova Scotia. He had eluded police since June, 1999.

On April 7, 2004, Wilson, represented by Anne Derrick, after pleading guilty to the two murders, received a life sentence. He received a concurrent 12-year sentence after pleading guilty to 14 drug trafficking and proceeds-of-crime charges. He can apply for parole in 2008.

Three potential witnesses died during the trial:

picDany Kane

Julian Sher's book The Road To Hell: How The Biker Gangs Are Conquering Canada, (reference below) co-authored by William Marsden, details the story of biker hit man-turned-informant Dany "Danny Boy" Kane. His story touches on Paul Albert Wilson's involvement in several murders and with the Hells Angels. Released in 2003, the book was pulled from Nova Scotia store shelves because the authors feared its contents would jeopardize Mr. Wilson's trial. Included in the book is a reproduction of a signed confession by Mr. Kane, dated March, 2000, that says Mr. Wilson paid him $25,000 for the contract hit on Mr. MacFarlane.



Please note: the Herald article being discussed is covering incidents from 1997 when the Hells Angels were involved to some extent. No one is saying that this situation still exists, considering that ownership changed in 1998. What is being discussed was the history of the place and its owners/management at the time.

May 6 2004: Someone writes: If people want to know who is involved in the business, just go to the RJSC and search REFLECTIONS CABARET on the Registry of Joint Stock Companies list of registered businesses and the shareholders involved, which as of May 6, 2004 is: 3085902 NOVA SCOTIA LIMITED, PETER L. COULTHARD, Recognized Agent 200-56 PORTLAND STREET, DARTMOUTH NS B2Y 1H2, SUSAN SCHMID Director (& PRESIDENT/SECRETARY) 206 DONEGAL DRIVE, DARTMOUTH NS B2V 2N3.

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