A queen from Cape Breton.

December 2005: Now going by the name "Tiffany" and has issues with JuicyFruit being the reigning MzCapeBreton, even though she lives in Halifax.


"Tiffany" had a recent (December, 2005 ?) 2 pager write up in the recent FrankMagazine...

******************************************************************** What's with Mz CB livining in Halifax ... Ya don't see Mz NRG or Mz Gay Haifax livining in CB ... Now what's up with that ?

DivadDivine writes: Its up to the people who crowned Miss JuicyFruit in the first place whether or not she continues to reign..if you have a problem with this take it up with them it's not Juicy's doing!! And don't forget Miss Boom Boom held the title for 3 years in a row while living in Halifax sweetie (when it was known as Ms. Sydney) Juicy is a wonderful person who would give the shirt off her back to anyone she knew!

JuicyFruit writes: Thanks DivaD?, I appreciate the comments. And you have a great pointt hat those with issues shoudl take it up with those that crowned me. When no one wanted to run for the title last CB Pride, I simply made the offer to carry the title forward. They could have denied me, but did not. Its an honour to go out performing and representing CB. Besides a group at the university in Sdyeny, no one has attempted to contact me other wise, so I shall continue struting my stuff with PRIDE

RougeFatale: i had the title while living here in hali as well.. its tradition! lol

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