Prostitutes, prostitution, hustling, male hookers, cock, ass, and mouth for hire.

If you're working in the sex trade in Halifax, you should know about SteppingStone.

How does it work?

On CitadelHill, the road around the top has a number of pull-offs where you can park. The last one before you descend back to street level is where the hustlers hang out. You just stop near a guy and he will come over and ask if you're looking for anything this evening. Before you go out you should figure out exactly what you want and how much you're prepared to pay for it. Only go out with that much money, in your pants pocket, not in your wallet. Put your wallet in your trunk. Tell the guy what you want. he might name a price. You can honestly say, "I only have $X on me." If he wants more - say sorry, that's all you have, you don't want to waste his time.

Q & A

Q. Where can you get a john or a jane? A. CitadelHill is one obvious place. One night in July 2004 just before dusk there were three handsome, butch young men hanging around in the last pulloff, so dusk may be a good time. Don't worry about accidentally inviting someone into your car who turns out to be a hustler; they are usually very direct that they are at work. You will spend a very long time waiting for a guy on GayDotCom but it is do-able. Create a disposable username and bio that indicates where you are and that you're ready to hire. There are also some ads in magazines like TabMagazine? and TheCoast for "masseurs."

In April '04 I cruising the Maritime Mall B2 washroom and the cute uncut guy next to me passed me a note, Hi, my name is Steve, I'm 22, and for $20 you can suck me or I will suck you.

In August '04 someone writes: a hot, huge cock 25-yo redhead panhandling outside Tim Hortons on SpringGardenRoad came back to my hotel for a couple hours for 60$

In September '04 someone writes: On CruiseLine, in the live section just say "Looking for a hustler, if fee involved ok." I got a response pretty quickly - in minutes or the next day. has a big "Services: Erotic" section.

Q. What's the best price you can get? A. The price varies wildly according to who you pick up and what you want done. Americans on chat channels say they pay $100 - 200 per session which seems like a lot. A Moncton acquaintance says he pays 25 - 45$ for a one-hour minimum with a guy. As with any kind of shopping you should decide on what you want, what it is worth to you, offer it, and be prepared to gracefully say no if the price is too high. Guys you get off the street have lower prices and higher risk of ripoff; the guys in the magazines are at the other end of those two scales. One hustler on GayDotCom wanted 40$ for a blowjob.

Q. How can you screen your clientel? A. Screening is a good way to put it. Recommendations from other satisfied customers are the best. After a session or two you will have a relationship with your hustler and will trust him. However, in the process of developing that relationship, it's perfectly acceptable to talk to him for a while before doing anything or go to a bar and buy him a drink - it could be a straight bar. Make sure the bartender sees him with you, and that your guy knows that the bartender saw you together.

If, while "screening" there is any little voice in the back of your head saying, "Something is wrong here" -- pay attention to it.

Never let two guys into your car unless you know them.

If you go back to the hustler's place there is a small possibility that it is a trap. One obvious thing to do is, just as you are going into the house, call a friend or leave a voicemail stating the time, where you are, and how long you expect to be. Make sure that your hustler sees that you're doing this.

If the hustler comes back to your place, there's a possibility that he'll rob you, possibly after giving you a nice long relaxing massage that puts you to sleep after an hour or two of mindblowing sex (It's also possible that the sex will not be all that mindblowing.) Taking a picture of him (his face, that is) and then putting away the camera is one way to help ensure that he'll be a good boy.

If your hustler objects to any of these safety precautions - that is not a little voice in your head, it is a big voice saying, WRONG GUY. Thank him for his time, pay him for his time if necessary, and move on. If he is belligerent in your car, drive to the police station and park there.

What is hustling?

Obviously this issue has a million shades of gray. In Halifax it's fairly easy to pick up a sailor who wants entertainment and beer, and who will let you blow him at the end of the night. (Sailors usually want to stay overnight - it's embarrassing to have to go back to quarters in the middle of the night and a major problem if he's been drinking.) Your guy may want you to buy him beer, dope, a meal etc. Is that hustling?

In other countries, amateurs ask for a substantial "cab fare" after sex, reasoning that the buses have stopped running.

Someone writes: I've been told that some of the "hookers" on Hollis St are actually drag queens but have not verified this.

About Crackheads

A crackhead will do anything to get his next fix. However, they're impatient, not very good at sex, very untrustworthy, and usually can't get a hardon. Left unattended, your crackhead will steal money or anything that can be converted to money.

However, all that being said, some crackheads can do OK sex briefly.

He will ask you to front him the money so he can "pick up" and get in the mood, and come back. If you do, you won't see him again. If he leaves some collateral - his jacket, say. If the collateral item has that value to you, accept it. It'll make a great souvenir. Otherwise, make sure your crackhead knows that he doesn't get his money until you're happy. If he doesn't want to do that, apologize for wasting his time, and bid adieu.