pic One of my friends tells me this is the most efficient ways of getting laid that there is. He says he can have someone ready to play in 15 minutes, any time of the day or night.

OfficerDick writes: I haven't used CruiseLine very much in the past couple of years (not since getting a computer and discovering GayDotCom), but it was, and probably still is, a great way of MeetingPeople.

The two main features of CruiseLine are the Talking Classifieds and the Live Connections:

I've never encountered hustlers (those into SexForMoney) on the line, but that's not to say they aren't there. The Talking Classifieds are pre-screened, but again, the Live Connections are unmoderated. And again, I haven't used CruiseLine for a couple of years. On the other hand, CruiseLine Toronto is full of hustlers and guys playing headgames.

You can buy a membership at SeaDogsSauna, they also give time away on Sundays with room or locker rental. Also, it's fairly easy to get free time, it's given away at a number of events and businesses.

Free trial memberships are available at almost every queer event and locations - e.g. bars, baths.

February, 2004: their webpage says: to receive your free trial membership to Cruiseline Halifax call 902.431.6725 and enter free trial code 5100. ... I think this gives a certain number of minutes to each unique phone number.

The Halifax phone number: 431.6725; the official web page is

Post your Cruiseline story here!

February, 2005: At least paying for your membership time will weed out some of the losers who liked to play games and waste other people's time on the free line. I just wish people using the live-chat feature would be more mature than to post the "banging the receiver on the table" greeting as happens so frequently. Typical Halifax GayCommunity style for sure.

This is just one way of MeetingPeople, and one of many GayBusinesses - owned by PinkTrianglePress?, which publishes XTra, among other things.