ShowTunes Dining Room And Lounge

February, 2005: Show Tunes was the restaurant part of ClubNrg at 2215 Gottingen St with bartenders/servers Chad, Dave, Gary and Blaine. ShowTunes kept much of the MobeysEatery menu and added several dishes as well as a number of snack and finger food items. The quality and presentation that was part of Mobeys largely stayed the same.


June 9, 2005
Business name registered with the RJSC
October, 2005
space handed over to new business owners with the new name, BlueMoonBistro.
September 2, 2006
name not renewed with the RJSC


October 14, 2005 someone writes: Same quality and presentation?? Ha... the place is just like the old NRG location with a sticky floor and the food went way downhill after Greg left and then the other chef quit too. These new guys business partners [[Christopher Robinson] and [[John_Dickinson?]]] (will probably be able to do what PeterMoll could never do - run a succesful restaurant.

October 14, 2005 someone writes: From what i've seen and tasted so far they are doing a great job, the food is excellent and the cooks are hot too.

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