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December 30, 2005 someone writes: Looks like he's leaving town given the fact that his house is for sale by some 'help-u-sell' company (14 Dhalia St. Dartmouth) and NRG/Evolution is apparently also up for grabs. Lets not forget that Eric from NRG is leaving too, probably with Peter and his nice shiny new Dodge truck.

Stay Tuned!!!

AnonymousCoward writes: Mind your own damned business...who the hell cares??

December 30, 2005: Gotta love the asskisser who wrote the above. Seeing that there is a big FOR SALE sign outside his house kinda makes it obvious that its for sale doesn't it? If he didn't want anyone knowing he was selling then he should have listed with a company that offers private listings. *********************************************************************

Down goes another Fruit Bar .... He should never have moved from his old basement bar down the street.

Greed will bite a business owner in the ass everytime.

Someone needs to reopen the old basement nrg, i liked it there a little small but made you feel at home.

How could anyone feel at home in a basement ... perhaps a nice space above ground...

Speaking of homes - the link to the not-so-shabby digs Peter has for sale: