On September 17, 2020, Torpedo Sauna and Spa re-opened as a brand new, renovated bath house under new management, under the old name SeaDogsSauna. It was Halifax's Men's Bath / Spa / Sauna at 2199 Gottingen St from 2014 to 2020.

Three types of rooms were available: the standard, or change room, was similar to those of a typical gay sauna, with an open ceiling and lockable doors. The 39-inch bed has a real mattress, with a sanitary covering, sheet and pillow. The next step up was the private's quarters, which were completely enclosed, with a mirror, locker and single bed. The Deluxe room was also fully enclosed, with a mirror, VCR, and double bed. All rooms had a full-size locker. There are also 45 full-size lockers.

Other facilities included a dry sauna, a TV lounge, an Internet terminal, a sling room at the back of the building, jail-style labyrinth, a hot tub for 7 or 8, vending machines, and a health information section away from the main traffic of the bath. Washrooms, showers, and free condoms rounded out the offerings. The facility was totally non-smoking.

Hours of operation were: Mondays 4pm - 9pm; Tuesday - Thursday : 4pm - 11pm; Weekend : 4pm Friday to 11pm Sunday; Closed on Christmas Day only.

Rates were: Sunday to Thursday : $20 for a locker, $25 for a single room, for 8 hours; Friday & Saturday : $25 for a locker, $30 for a room; $45 for a room overnight


Torpedo Sauna And Spa evolved out of SeaDogsSauna
January, 2016
Wayves Article About The Re-Opened Facility
March, 2020
September, 2020
Re-opened under new management, under the original name: Seadogs Sauna.