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Hello and welcome to my profile.

My name is Bill Elliott I live in Dartmouth with my companion Daniel Grimard. Work at the QE2 Hospital in the Food & Nutrition Dept. 1989 Started out at the Victoria General. The food and nutrition dept.

Over the years I have been involved with:


December 6, 2005 Bill writes: I walked in many Pride Parades. If you look in PrideCelebrations. Back in 1992 I got involve with the Pride Committee. I think this was my first time volunteering. I had lots to learn. Getting out selling buttons and pins and tee shirts. Being a tall guy as I am I can be shy. This was a way to get out there and meet people and yet help out with our community. Anyway to make this short. The logo contest came about. I thought why not give it a try. Then the idea came with the Pink Maple Leaf with the triangle in the center. Celebrating Gay and lesbian Pride and being Canadian. The committee liked the idea. It became Pride Pin for 92.

November 28, 2005 Bill writes: From time to time I call myself an Actor. If anyone is interesting in being or working as a Extra.( Background person in Films) Go Down to Filmworks on Barrington Street in Halifax. To find the office its located across from the Superstore. Also if you are interested in developing your skills as an actor NeptuneTheater? has programs. Its a lot of fun. I've had work In various films. The Shipping News was my first xtra job. I was a bit shy. Seeing the movie you cant really see me. But I knew where I stood. I was part of a Wake Scene. Where a body of a man who was lost at sea persume dead was layed out in the next room with family and friends all standing around. Then all of a sudden the body wakes up spitting out water wakes up from a long sleep.and drives everyone crazy. I have also been involved with the Trudeau films 1 and 2. Lex. Found myself as a Druid.

Miss Kelly used to me my Drag name. Back then was a fun time.

To me I think leather makes a guy look hot. I've explored this a Butch side of life. There's something about when sliding on a good leather pants. Smell of the hide and feeling it against the skin . Giving you that extra padding.sensation. Woof :)


Sunday Night Ball Hockey

I get a kick in watching hockey especially to see Don Cherry. He sure has a flare in fashion eh. At the hospital I use to play ball hockey Sunday nights with the guys. What fun time it was to hang out with the boys. The team in ball hockey were a mixture from other departments. We would divide up in teams by throwing our stick in the middle of floor. After they were sorted you were ready to play hockey. . One hockey buddy and friend from work came up to me and said he was surprised how good I was played . Playing this game was new to me. I learned to play the game and be a team player. Chase after that ball. Boy did I chase that ball .I even got physical and bumped into the guys and lol they did the same to me. Yes they were straight unless there were things I didnt know. Boy did they get upset when I manage to steal the ball away. Yeah I would corner players from the opposite team, work my stick like a player would and lol steal the ball away. One guy who was built like a brick shit house said out loud. " fuck!!! (Excuse my language) he stole my ball!!!"and came after me and he was so mad he knocked my hockey stick out of my hands. I tripped a guy once and at work he gave me a name "Bill The Bully" lol and then the next game the same guy and co-worker tried to trip me and ended breaking his stick between my legs..(had shinpads on)lol. Those time were fun.

As you can see I enjoy writing. In the past I have written letters to the Chronicle Herald from RoseanneSkoke, to a coming out letter showing Halifax I am proud of being gay. I came on to the scene in the mid 80s. Its been a long time. The 80s were difficult and a challenge . And yet at the same time had lots of fun opening up the closet door and stepping out. Thinking about those days especially coming out and getting my feet planted on the ground took courage and strength. :)

That first kiss

An invitation came about to sit amongst a group known as Sparrow. Sparrow had lots of gay men and women . We all sat in a circle in the room . For the first time I realized I wasn't alone. We talked of the Scripture in the Bible and how it related to our lives. There were guitars playing and lots of singing. At the end of the evening there were always hugs and well wishes. That's how that kiss came about. A fellow with nice wavy hair came up to me and pressed his sweet lips against mine. Wow!!Woof!!lol What a way to start out. I don't know what I would have done without Sparrow. I had been living at home then not yet on my own. Today I don't think I would change a thing. Can't change the past. Just learn from it. Keep asking questions. Think whats right for you. Don't be afraid of being yourself. I know coming out is a challenge. I remember from my own past. Times were good.. and times there are tears. If there is an opportunity go for it and free yourself. And get out there and enjoy life.

Take care, Bill

August 27, 2005

Its been nearly 20 yrs since I came out and on to the scene. I remember going to Rumours for the first time and then on the ol dance floor worked up a sweat and move along with the beat. Today I still go out once in a while. Love MenzBar.

The tattoos Just over a year or so I had two tattoos done.. one on each arm.. The one on left..Is a flash of blue lightening.. On the right arm shows and hand holding a sword..with Fortiter te recte showing of strength..

September 19, 2005

Hello gain.,

On July 25, 1996. My first letter to the "Voice of the People" In Chronical Herold newspaper was published. You see this all began when I read a letter Herold on July 8th someone had written " Blind Society" Saying Gays and lesbians were living in a blind society. Back the I had trouble expressing myself .I don't know why. Words came out twisted..What I had in mind didn't come out right when I spoke and left me flustered. After reading that letter " Blind Society " It made me angry. Inside I felt I needed to do something. This is what I wrote to bring me out of my shell. This is how the letter was printed.

No Longer Blind

Dear Editor; The letter "Blind Society" from July 8, 1996 indicated that gays and lesbians are living in a blind society as a result of who we choose to love. A few years ago I can recall being "blinded". It was the blindness of being closeted. It was the oppression put upon me and the fears of not being accepted truly kept the sun from shining through. Until one day I had enough of living this way. The only way I could be myself was to actually open a few windows and eventually open my door. I cleared out all the stale air and replaced it with a new. I'm proud of being who I am today. I'm proud of being able to love a special friend. If a person thinks another is living blindly in a way of loving another humin being, Don't you think it's about time to open a few windows and doors and accept people the way they are? BillElliott of Halifax

On August 5, 1996 This response was printed in the "Voice of the People" in the Chronical Herold.

Act of Courage

Dear Editor;

I would like to respond to Bill Elliott's courages letter " No longer Blind. July 25" It is an act of great courage to speak out openly and honesty about his sexual orientation. I am also proud of Mr Elliott's willingness to share with Nova Scotians his pain and his joy of having his closet door wide open so we can meet this brave man and get to know and understand what life is like here in Nova Scotia for gay citizens. Nancy Cassandra B Wasthalt, Chiticamp.

Kirk here, I always enjoy your stories.


You are something else Miss Marmastein..( somebody writes ) ArtBerry writes. Bill it's always nice to run into you, No mattter where it is, you always have a smile

August 2, 2011 Just looking over this profile . this years 2011 Pride Week was awesome.

April 27, 2012

I haven't been on this site for a while. Beside's work I'm still trying to keep active. Over a year I have joined two Knit groups. The Dartmouth Knitters meet from time to time at the Celtic Corner on thursday nights . Knit Out Loud Halifax. .on Tuesday evenings at Restratos on along Bishop Landing from 7 to 9:30..Its fun knitting with the ladies. Learning a lot. I made socks for the 1st time.. and mittens..What I like most its the talking, laughing and learning something new. Exciting.. there are a few who actually spin and make yarn. I have an idea to form a knit & crochet group. With the sunny days and now the Public Gardens is open .a wonderful spot to begin. If interested you are more than welcome to join me. If its a rainy day..could move it to a coffee shop..

September 19, 2012

Going over these writing I did over the years shows how time flies by. All the friendships along the way. The many fond memories. I can recall the time I started writing especially to the Voice of the People in the Chronical Harold. I know at times when speaking..I had trouble speaking..I still do at times. Don't really know why.. Have these thoughts in my head..yet when speaking the words would come out jumbled.. However through writing back then I realized that I did have a voice.

Over this summer I signed up for running lessons..A learn to run clinic at the Running Room on Spring Garden Rd.. From time to time I get out and run 5k. :)

I still knit with the ladies.Finished knitting a Xmas Sock. This is my 1st time doing one. The head Manager of our dept at work ask me if I could knit it for her friend. It`s a long story as her friend had a house fire and had lost everything. I was touched she ask me..It`s a big project..learning how to work in more than one color for the sock. You should hear the girls at the knit group when I sit down to knit..they cry he is with that sock again !! Its a great feeling seeing the sock taking shape :) It's a nice feeling to have the sock done. The lady was quite pleased with it. Now she's passing it on to her daughter. This is the thing i like doing crafts especially in a group. You sit , talk and laugh. Knit or crochet or whatever you like to do can be done anywhere. At time's I knit at work at break time. It would be nice to have a knit & crochet group with in our community. In the new year come out for gay knit & bitch . Will let you know when and where..If interested..let me know. This will be a fun night out.

February 6, 2016

Greetings all. It has been a while. I feel I have lots to write about. Now I am getting older I realize how good it is to stay connected with our community. Good to know that there is support. And yet there is still a need to have a voice as well. Some of the activities from the top of this page I am very much still involved. I have a companion and his name is Daniel. Last Sept we moved to Dartmouth. Still at the Hospital. Work is going fine. Have 12 yrs before retiring.

Last years Pride Week was awesome. Like going to the talks at the Halifax Library along Spring Garden Road. One talk was Pride Health. Makes me question about whats going on in my work place at the Hospital. It's great that there is support there. I think there is more need of support in management and the workers. Pride Health talked about having an identity. I just want to show that I do have an identity. And I am here. Also I am also have a companion you fills up my days. Awhile ago Daniel was sick and needed medical care and I was to be with him. Went to my supervisor and she did not see it that way. To me though we were not married we are very much partners from the heart. Mad me angry. I stood my ground and went to be with Daniel. This was the time same sex marriages were talked about in the media.

February 10, 2016

Life has become even more interesting. The work at the hospital fills up my days. I am open at work.My co workers and very much know that Daniel fills up my days at home. Our lunch break everyone whips out the phone and talk to love ones. I am the same and exchange I love yous. Sometime one work buddies would peek in and say..we love him too.

I still go to Stairs Memorial United Church. This is a place I have know since I was a boy. Last little while I have been amazed how open and accepting Stairs has become. Growing up there wasn't easy with me being gay. Not very many at the time approved. But times have changed last summers Pride Parade There was a group walking representing the United Church. Daniel and I are regular walkers I was wonder struck to see friends Stairs. It was absolutely wonderful. Daniel and I joined in.

Over the years with Pride. My family knew about my involvements..but didn't come out to support. Another surprise came my brother and watched the parade for the 1st time. :)

February 17, 2017

Greeting and Bonjour :) Life is going pretty good with Daniel and me. Dartmouth is treating us good. People are very accepting.. We shop a lot at No frills at the old Dartmouth Shopping Center. The cashiers are so nice..If we are there alone at times we hear.." Where's your other half?"

January 23, 2018

Lately I have been thinking about the past activities. And how I can bring all that energy back to today. All I do these days is work. Then I talk to my buddy Daniel.. and then come home. Daniel still fills up my day when I am home. He and I are good company . Lately I have an interest in reading books.. exploring gay literature . Read Gore Vidal's The City And the Pillar and seven early stories.. I feel He really takes you on a journey with him. At them moment reading James Baldwin's Giovanni's Room. It's interesting .. there's stories were written in different times and yet today it is something meeting that special guy. You create a bond.. there's heartache.. lots of life given moments.

July 31, 2019 Happy Pride everyone. Enjoyed the parade very much. The main reason to write at the moment I am reading ,Stonewall. By Ann Bausum.. On the cover .. Breaking Out on the Fight for Gay Rights. I think we all have and had our own Stonewall moments to take a stand and fight for our rights. For me at the beginning my place to go was to Halifax in the late 80s..I meet A nice gentleman Ken Belange.. he was a counselor.. as I needed guidance and a support. He introduced me to Sparrow.. a warm welcoming peacful place... helped me to the place I am today.

February 3, 2020 Hello and bonjour from Bill. Looking back over the writing.. I still have a need and be part of our community. It's important to have a place where you can express yourself and be yourself. On ATV W5 recently talked about Convertion Therapy. It's scary and it makes me angry.. These strong headed people.. Think its cool to try and change a person just because its not their cup of tea. In truth its better let a person be and let live.. This is happening today..I remember when I came out years ago at the beginning.. I had to deal with my mother.. Religion.. At times I was just like a puppet on a string. When I broke those strings..I got lots of remarks..and silent treatment...

July 3, 2020 Hello from Bill. This Summer's read is Rebecca Rose's "Before The Parade".1972 to 1984. It really takes me back. From the beginning to me was in the 80s..

May 14, 2021 April was quite a month. Beside the turning point with covid I also turned 60. My brother gave me a card saying Happy Covid Birthday. All is good now... feeling better than ever.I missed work.. Work can be a challenge with co workers out sick.. at the same time hospital work continues. I caught up with reading. Before the Parade was an amazing book.People sharing stories.. and many who i call friends today. Will always remember meeting Lynn Murphy. She and i sold pins in 80s. She was great to get people involved. Good way to get to know our community. Before the Parade just like those early time.. the energy was the same . The drive to move forward and that we have the right to be here. And a voice.