1981 Lily Rachel Ginger


Back row: LilyChampagne, Rachel, Ginger; Front row: Gerry, Sugar (TommyMiller), Iris (BillMacKinnon?) at The Turret 1981

LilyChampagne writes: This was one of many farewell shows for Sugar who seemed to give up doing shows every year . It became a joke but was always a good time ! [As of June, 2013] I'm living in Montreal and still performing, Sugar is Living in Montreal also but no news about him. Gerry passed away years ago, Rachel was deported from Canada, No News, Bill M. Is still living in Halifax and quite happy, and last I heard Ginger is still in Halifax, retired from shows years ago.

ScottMacNeil says June 6, 2013: I saw Ginger just a few days ago.