picca. 1984, Rumours, in RandyKennedy's dress.

Tommy Miller (Sugar or MadameSugar?) what an amazing person. She performed in the city for years, and when I started to do drag she was involved but not often. I remember Sugar OR Mama for doing a Great Rita MacNeil? bare foot with a hat on in the old Rumours. She walked out, took off her shoes and just swayed like Rita would. Tommy was and is a great person to know. Full of wisdom, knowlwege and everything else that A baby drag queen needs to know. -- PaigeTurner

I remember the first time I saw Tommy in drag... (I had met him out of drag before that) He had a *lot* of blonde hair, which I knew he couldn't have grown himself that fast. I said the first thing that came to mind: "Oh, I *love* what you've done with somebody else's hair!" First time someone ever called me "BITCH!" to my face. -- GrizzLeBear

1974 to 1977: the pre-eminent drag queen of the era was Tommy Miller--if s/he is still around s/he would be a treasure trove of information. -- NilsClausson

I finally got word from his sister that he has indeed passed away. He was quite ill for a couple years and finally passed on some months back. Tommy was known by many names and played many roles: a friend, for me at one time a mentor, a show queen, and yes, even a bitch. He took me in when I first left home and also started me on the road to be a performer. He could be funny, cold, kind and cruel but no matter how is remembered he was also a staple in the LGBT community. He will be missed.1 -- RandyKennedy


Today so many memories of Tommy are coming back to me so I am going to share something that Tommy told me that I am sure many of you do not know. Before Tommy moved to Halifax from Montreal, he was doing shows in the old gay scene of Montreal. He was going out with a guy who had ties to the Montreal Mafia at the time and one night while Tommy was performing, some thugs came into the club and shot his boyfriend dead. Tommy ran off the stage and headed home where he stayed in hiding afraid they would come for him next. It was shortly after that he packed what he could and fled to Halifax out of fear that they still may be looking for him. I really think that fear is what kept him away from Montreal for so long except for short visits to see his family. Tommy told me this in secret making me swear never to tell anyone which I have done until now.2 -- RandyKennedy

As of Friday, September 23, 2005, TommyMiller packed up his life and moved back home to Montreal, Quebec. He will be greatly missed by all who know him. Good Luck Tommy and enjoy your retirement!

March 11, 2020: RandyKennedy writes: Good afternoon folks , well I am happy to say I got a call today from Tommy Miller . He sounded great and is the same old Mother Miller . He is living in a small town in Ontario and asked me to say HI to you all .

picSugar (TommyMiller) at [[The Turret]], 1981

I am the one who made the dress, hat and did the makeup for Sugar in this pic, she was a Grand ol Gal! -- LilyChampagne (RandyKennedy)

Here, Miss Miller was reflecting her disposition during this time frame. Bitchy & not happy -- JimDeYoung


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