2007-07-27 Fire

July 27th

Fire in the building adjacent to 2104 Gottingen St closed MenzBar and MollyzDiner for a few days.

The well-known Gottigen Street hangouts weren’t touched by a fire that spread through an apartment in the adjacent building early in the evening.

Platoon Chief Brian Gray of Halifax Regional Fire Services, said Friday night the cause of the fire was not known and an investigation would begin Saturday.

Gray said the fire was contained to the third-floor apartment and stairwell and caused extensive damage.

July 30th

MollyzDiner and MenzBar are still being cleaned, and negotiations with the landlord and insurance companies are still going on. Cleanup of the building in question just started today, so probably they will be closed at least for the next three to five days.

August 3rd

Re-opening 7:00pm!

Positive Comments And Best Wishes

Doug: from WayvesMagazine, good luck with the cleanup and re-opening.

Colonel Saunders; Hope it all goes well and maybe there will be something good come out of this...like a new addition. I'll see when I get back if there is anything I can do to help. All the best. I can see a Fire Party in the Future:)