MollyzDiner took over the first floor at 2104 Gottingen, which was previously the home of Wayne's Place and the Apple Barrel Cafe. Mollyz opened in March, 2005 and expanded into the adjacent space (see MollyzAnnex) in August, 2005.

Prior to its opening, owner DougMelanson (also the owner of MenzBar) described Mollyz as "diner by day, dance bar by night" and also indicated that it would be targeted to MenzBar's growing female customer base. Mollyz never really became part of the bar; on the other hand, it did become known for excellent meals and reasonable prices.

pic pic On November 16, 2006, TheCoast published a very favourable review of Mollyz - see MollyzReview.

In January, 2008, when MenzBar moved from 2104 to 2182 Gottingen the Mollyz operation was substantially scaled back to special events only.

pic ChrisAucoin writes:

For many years I did the graphic design work for Doug's Halifax businesses. When Doug decided to open Mollyz Diner ten years ago I did the logo for that, as I had for the bar and the bathhouse.
Anyway, he created a fictional Mz. Melinda-Lyzette (Mollyz) Melanson-Landry, complete with a biography a friend wrote (to have on the back of the diner menus). Another friend had given him a found Victorian photograph that Doug decided he wanted to use as Mollyz portrait, and gave me that image to incorporate into the menu design.
As this fictional Mollyz was supposed to have been a distant relative to Doug, I thought I'd add some family resemblance... so I photoshopped Doug's eyes / eyebrows into the image (without telling him) and then presented it to him figuring it'd appeal to his sense of humour.
He loved the Mollyz portrait! So much that, after a time, we added it to the front of the menu!

The biography of Mz. Melinda-Lyzette (Mollyz) Melanson-Landry as it appeared on the menu is here.

"Mollyz Hitz the Spot" HFX-The Daily News

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