The Rant

AnonymousCoward writes:

Across Canada, Halifax is known to be overun by DragQueens and put on the WORST drag shows in the country. You may have seen some of these un-talented entertainers compete in Halifax's circuit of DragPageants or perform in regular shows in our city's GayBars, which is sad for these bars to stoop so low to allow these shows, cause most of us normal gay guys do not like these shows,and the owners/managers of these bars dont have the ball to ban/bar all drag queens from their establishments.

I just want to comment on Drag Queens - I think to much space, time, etc. is given to Drag Queens. They think they run the Gay Community, and heaven forbid if someone makes negative comments, etc. towards them! Wake up, many people in the Gay community do not like drag Queens, its a total turn off. I beleive there should be a separate club for drag queens ,their friends and admirers. Would be better for most of us to go to a club and enjoy our time there without being over run with drag queens. If they want to act and be like a woman, then go get to sex re-assignment surgery, so us normal masc. guys can enjoy our evening, etc. out!


Umm.... Miss Divine, I think you may be a few days off there... I remember my birthday because it coincided with the start of the riots, within a few hours (and off by a few years, but that's something I don't want to think about). The 27th was also known by many around metro as the last day of school for many years. -- GrizzLeBear

October 28, 2004 AnonymousCoward writes: You all DO NOT have to dress like a woman to raise funds, etc. There are many, many charities, do you see their staff and volunteers dressing in drag? I think NOT!!!

I will Repeat! I am not the only one in the GayCommunity who dislikes DragQueens, but I am commenting, etc. because many are afraid to say how they feel, due to the politics of the GayCommunity.

DragShows = entertainment? I think N O T! Just because you're gay does not mean you have to dress like a woman and act fem! Its just a total turn off for me and many others!

DragQueens / Kings should all be gathered up at sent to stay on Sable Island, forever! far away from us normal guys/gals in the GayCommunity

"Drag shows = entertainment? I think N O T! Just because you're gay does not mean you have to dress like a woman and act fem! Its just a total turn off for me and many others!"

November 6, 2004 someone writes: I wish to add my opinion in this matter about DragQueens, the pageants and how they try and take over the clubs and try and run the GayCommunity! I support the AnonymousCoward's comments 100 percent, and he/she should be given a gold medal for speaking out!!!


Dec 17th 2004: Halifax's DragQueens and DragKings are nasty!!! They give us normal str8 , masc. gay guys and normal str8 acting women a bad name in society.You can be gay without being a guy prancing around in a dress, or a woman prancing around tring to be like a man! For fuck sakes a lot of us in the gay community donot like drag queens/kings!

Lately they are even backbiting each other cause the drag pagents are FIXED, and usually the winner is chosen by how many times they sleep with the gay club owners or judges, wake the fuck up people!


January 2, 2004

Lately it is amazing that if someone speaks up against drag queens, they are said to be ignorant or discriminatory. Funny that it is alright of many of the female wannabe's to shoot their mouths off, but if anyone else has an opinion about them it is considered a "NO, NO". Grow up and get a life and get over it, many in the Gay Community have no use for drag queens. Seems a person cannot go to one of the clubs and enjoy themselves, without having to deal with the errogance of these female wannabe's. Many can go and dispute what is being written here, but the one thing they know is true, once and for all, many of us in the Gay Community would love to go to a club, that does not have to SUCK ASS just to please the drag queens. Another funny thing is that, many drag queens just could not make it as a man alone, so they figure that by doing drag, it will compensate for what the could not do just by being a man. As for anyone saying someone is an annonymous coward for not signing their names after their opinions, just take a look around at the world as a whole, and you will see more cowards in power than you can shake a stick at.

Finally, if drag queens want that special treatment they think they deserve, keeping in mind special treatment it like "Respect"---you have to earn it, then stop thinking you are the center of the universe of the Gay Community, for the Gay Community extends far beyond just being a drag queen.

WAH WAH WAH....Drag Queens are half the reason why most people prefer to go to other clubs. Most gay people would prefer a club with class...too bad ClubVortex went under. Drag Queens are the only ones who will toot their own horns, when it comes to what they do in the community. Maybe if they listened the the TRUTH that is being said about them, then maybe they would get the hint...Most gays in the community do not want clubs overrun by female wannabe's, who could not make it as a man alone.

from NineteenYearOldOne?: I am surprised that this web site allow Gays run down other gays, drag are part of our gay community, We might not like how some of them look and act but we should allow them to be who they are. As a gay community we should be getting a lone better with each othere and not stop fighting amoung ourselves. like a drag show once and a while but not every week So I don't go, some drag Queens think that are better them some, you know our gay community would be a lot better if we all got along. I only go to Menz bar because I like a smaller bar, So if you don't have anything good to say don't say it at all, I was like you and never got me no wheres.

CapnDan writes: Dear NineteenYearOldOne?: How about if you contribute something to the wiki other than tepid derogatory remarks about other people's derogatory remarks? To get started - check out WhyWikiWorks and TipsForContributors. from 19 year old,- Capndan- you are right, but you should be telling other guys this too not only me. Have a good weekend

December 2005

Across Canada, Halifax is known to have some of the WORST queens and put on some of the most Terrible drag shows in the country. You may have seen some of these untalented entertainers compete in Halifax's circuit of Drag Pageants or perform in regular shows in our city's GayBars. WAKE UP, most here in Halifax's Gay Community DO NOT like or support these female wannabes or we should say "Trailer Trash"

DawnDavenport writes: Well.... I am not sure who the fuck is writing these nasty commentts about the queens in Halifax NS.Let me tell whoever the fuck you are...there are alot of talented queens who have worked fucking hard to get where they are.They are not only good performers, but they look fucking amazing.Whoever you are...get the plunger out of your ass and stop stop smoking the crack your momma left ya before she ran away after giving birth to you.Really...Get over your self.I myself am a drag queen, i am not the best looking or the best performer, but i try and so does alot others.Why dont you take a page from your own book before you run your mouth about us.LuLu Larude, Dita, Studio, Debbie are just some of the queens who have been a influence to where drag has come from in this city.NOW... FUCK OFF!!!!

AmberWayves writes: I think it is a shame that someone would go through all this trouble to remove work done by someone who has worked hard on this project, putting information in for the public. This goes to show the level of respect, and maturity some people have. Now in response: Halifax by nature is small, and has one of the best Drag Queens in the maritime region. Not all Drag Queens are "The Best", but as I say who really is? Every Queen does her best to be her best. By reading someone's dumb comment, I can almost tell the issues this person is going through, and all I can say to you is please get some help before it's to late. Maybe you have had a difficult experience living in a trailer, not my problem. I am sorry you feel our entertainers are untallented, guess what, don't go to the drag shows, or the pageants if you dislike our queens. We want people to like them and enjoy seeing us perform, those are the people we want to see. This person is bold, not telling their identitym COWARD. Take Care, and here is a personal message from Amber Wayves: MERRY CHRISTMAS